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  2. Version 9 - 22/9/2017 - Added breakable rocks after parkour - Added voice alert in fence destruction - Changed player triggers to fix zombie respawn system - Fixed explosion damage for zombies - Fixed collisions with small props - Fixed oversized decals - Fixed floating props
  3. sorry for the extremely late reply (months lol), actually to see if a bar is too left/too right doesn't require a lot of time, the view lasts a couple of seconds wich usually is more than enough, this is intentional so that trolls can't stay watching into the hole all the time not allowing the others to finish the puzzle properly.
  4. So a quick update going on, i made some major adjustments according through flow and gameplay and added some nice little details to the map like a more realistic appeal and a better 3D skybox to fit the theme better, the current map version is at test version 10b and i'm planning on getting this map more shiny and polished with lighting and details as it approaches halloween, so you all can be a little bit less sad. That's all for now, the first alpha version will be called nmo_shelter_subterranean_a1. I'm planning on doing some series with the vmfs of Durkhaz and make a cool storyline with all of that, stay tuned ;). P.S.: you'll be able to play test version 10 b on "???" servers and porkchops if you really want to play them, i don't really intend to put them anywhere else to be fair for now.
  5. Earlier
  6. Thank you so much! It's working now! Bless you :))))
  7. You need to use SM1.8+ for compiling Or just use compiled file from AM
  8. Thank you so much!! One thing, when I tried to compile nmrih_skins.sp script, i got error // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_engine.inc(49) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_engine.inc(59) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_engine.inc(59) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_engine.inc(69) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(47) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(58) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(58) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(68) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(81) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(90) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(102) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(102) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(102) : error 147: new-style declarations are required // E:\nmrihTest\nmrih_ds\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\scripting\include\sdktools_functions.inc(102) : fatal error 189: too many error messages on one line // Compilation aborted. // 14 Errors. I wonder what do i need to do? I've installed sourcemod and metamod correctly, and other plugins are working fine
  9. Massive update released today for this map, check out the changelog for more details: Version 8 - 16/9/2017 - Changed zombie respawn system, blocks "surprise zombie" - Changed some light colors and positions - Added special effects - Added few missing cubemaps - Added more decoration and props in general - Fixed shamblers spawn at rooftop - Fixed critical door bug after parkour - Fixed parkour clips for npcs - Fixed keypad bug - Fixed elevator major bug - Fixed ending scene - Fixed minor zombie stuck bugs - Fixed some prop static bugs
  10. Now You can download this plugin from AlliedModders or GitHub
  11. If anyone else has used other plugins, your input is appreciated!
  12. Thanks! I'll look forward to it!
  13. maybe soon i add this version on my git
  14. Thanks for your reply! I have checked your server and it's perfect! It might be rude of me but do you mind sharing your modification? I'm using the same plugin, but I have no idea how to modify it.
  15. I have made for the servers a year ago modification of a plug-in of sm_skinchooser 2.3 which automatically transfers the player to a look in third person when opening the menu of the choice of a skin and returns him in a look from the first person when closing this menu See how it works you can on one of my servers (IP: Ports: 27015 - 27019).
  16. Hello, I have been trying to make a dedicated server with custom skins, but I have no idea how to allow players to use third-person mode to see their character (without turning on sv_cheats 1). I just need a simple third-person camera just to rotate around the player (no need a good placement camera for aiming or moving, just to rotate around the player). I have been looking for plugins but I can't find anything. Any advice or plugin reference is appreciated! Sorry for my bad english!
  17. Hello, I am Tomas Grinevičius, 21 years. I live in Lithuania at Vilnius city. Currently I am studying at General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy Training For Junior Officers (Reserve Lieutenant) (2nd course) and at Vilnius College Electronics and Informatics Faculty Information Systems (3rd course). My mother language is Lithuanian, the second is English, the third is Russian. I have my own hosts and project www.uzas.lt which is created for Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, TeamSpeak 3, Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, San Andreas - Multi Player and other games players. I have a lot of experience in programming, scripting, hacking, testing, painting, optimization, protection, administrating, developing, management, advertising, mapping, automatics and other spheres. I can easily make Wordpress, IPBoard, responsive HTML, PHP with JavaScripts, SQL (databases) and other things included websites, SEO, ads. Honestly, I Lithuania I was in the past TOP#1 Counter-Strike 1.6 project who had the most players online at the same time, around 400 in my servers and around 600 in my forum. When I was 17 (18) years, I made around 20 000 litas (3,4528 litas = 1 euro) in 1 year from my UZAS project. If you would live in Lithuania where is the minimum salary now 380 euros per month, you would be shocked of the amount which I managed to earn being on that age. I'd like to apply for a developer or any other position. I have a lot of ideas which would improve this game. I believe I could be useful in the team and to let you know, I would be very active. You can google about my studies if you want to gain the better understanding of which subjects I am having and who I am about to become in the future. I'd like to tell you that in my MTA:SA game server I have made a lot of things which were never created by anyone else. The list is so large that it would took me a lot of time to explain every single detail made by my hands on .lua language. If you want to know what ideas for NMRiH game I have for now or something else, ask me and I'll share with it, I'll reply. I am waiting for the answer. Some of the things which I made in MTA:SA: New weapons (which was impossible but I managed to do it possible); Randomly moving zombies (animations) system; Fixed animals on the death and respawn (has also inventory with Raw Meat); Randomly moaning zombies (sounds) system; Speedometer system for vehicles; Abilities to flash (turn on/off) the lights, open/close/lock/unlock the doors; Abilities to wear or not the clothing items (hats, masks, helmets, vests, boots, pants, backpacks, etc...); Black/white Vision googles (similar to the Night Vision or Thermal Vision googles); Mags system based on bullets (inventory); Scopes system for each sniper; Unique crosshairs system for each type of the weapons; Random damage of the zombie and player; Fireworks system; Christmas system (map, sounds in area and other stuff); Realistic map (mapped world); Compass system; Human body indicators (livers, kidneys, heart, brains, lungs, etc.); A lot of new items and categories; A lot of new objects (vehicles, buildings and other structures...); Models of the objects like items...; Diary system with database; Register/Login/Logout.... systems with database; Handbrakes for vehicles system; Fireplace system; Tents, wire fences, bushes and other systems; Inventory system; Anti-cheat; Anti-stealth; Anti-ban; Anti-spam; Anti-lag; Breath system; Bugs fixer; Admin panel; Rhino, Hydra, Hunter system; Files protection (3 types) from thieves; First person system; Advanced graphics (HD, HQ, HUD); IPB; Stamina system; Real-life vehicles radio system; Realistic weather system. And a lot of other systems... The developers of the MTA:SA (DayZ included) have created firstly some of those listed things but still I have put my time and worked on it, it's unique in some ways. I just listed a few things in MTA:SA game. Feel free to contact with me via: E-mail: herokileris@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006970309174 Skype: herokileris
  18. Hello, Starting today we have started running a dedicated server for NMRIH sponsored by our site scaredtoplay.com We are flexible to apply any changes to the settings that the community has need for, so feel free to request things on this thread. I will be checking it regularly. Server Name: ScaredToPlay Official Server #1 IP: See you there!
  19. Like I said earlier, you need to optimize the entity traffic or the map can't maintain a stable workflow. Any gun menu or plugins that spawn stuffs can easily max out the rest of the edict count left in the map. (People do not understand or care about hammer editor & engine limit.) Having 400+ shamblers and hundreds of other entities spawned across a map is reasonable if they can all be seen by players. However in this map there is no reason to max out the edicts (even with force spawners). Like extra amount of zombies? Gotta do extra optimization to accommodate the feature. As you are adding decorative elements and new areas lately, why not consider to slow down and take time to try to optimize? I have a few options here: - Use triggers to monitor players in order to toggle spawns near them! It's not an ideal option, but a totally viable solution! - No zombie respawn. Have them spawned only when players enter a new area. This way you can spawn more in a hallway and have players to clean them one area at a time. No worry about too many pre-spawned zombies. - Just less zombies & less spawners. - Remove the random spawners after the weapons are spawned at the map start. They take up to 65 edicts.
  20. Hi i would like to be and admin so i could help you guys out i love the game a lot and would like to keep it a fun place for people to like
  21. Have you tried playing it offline alone? Then online but without heavy plugins like prop spawners, models, etc? This common issue is due to maximum amount of active entities that engine supports, like prop physics, weapons, players, npcs, and all that, however this is the first time that actually appears to be critical, i've checked other servers and they are working fine with this map even with heavy plugins, so it is not clear for me in this particular case.
  22. I installed this map >> nmo_vertigo_v7 Start the server appear >> ED_Alloc: no free edicts How to solve " ED_Alloc: no free edicts " this problem This is a photo : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9NmSAza4t5jOWplQ2NlVWNJTVE/view
  23. The server crashes after installing the map server appear >> ED_Alloc:no free edicts And then end the work
  24. nmo_vertigo_v7 After the map is installed on the server appear >> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9NmSAza4t5jOWplQ2NlVWNJTVE/view?usp=sharing Seek a solution What causes this installation nmo_vertigo_v4 map is also like this only " nmo_vertigo map " Causing my server to crash
  25. Try to test it. Rename "materials" folder, and then play your map.
  26. uhhh... Has this always been there? I think this is the first I've heard that this texture is missing.
  27. Google drive
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