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  11. Something happened that stopped the mods, if a new solution comes into play like stated then thats good but i doubt it will be good. Mostly because they cannot willingly supply a mod/update for their game that lets them use 3rd party audio tracks they didn't pay for. So we will see but the mod being 3rd party is what allowed this all to happen and going from 100k songs down to a select 20 just kills this game for me and the majority.
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  21. anyways while im on the subject of changing skins what do you name the mdl to change the male and female kid zombies? nvm figured that out also lol and daym i managed to create some jankey-ass zombies lol a bunch of em end up popping up through the floor from nowhere when your walking forward o.o' scarred the living crap outa me the first time i went to test em out
  22. well that managed to get the files open, but i'm still at a loss for how you actually select what character it is going to be replaced -.-' nevermind i feel like a complete idiot... you just have to name the mdl whoever you want it to replace...
  23. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/CrowbarTool
  24. and how does someone modify these mdl files? iv tried using 3 apparent tools that are suppose to be able to view these and each program failed to be able to read the file or crashed in a spectacular fashion when i went to open the mdl in em mdldecompiler - wouldn't work even when i followed the instructions to the dot it ends up telling me "The procedure entry point Q_AppendSlash could not be located in the dynamic link library vstdlib.dll StudioCompiler - just ends up crashing regardless of the file iv tried about 16 different skin model mdl's with a program crash every single time Half-Life Model Viewer - this one probably failed the worst of the 3 because it wouldn't even open the files it just ended up telling me they were corrupted or something
  25. models\player\p_badass.mdl models\player\p_bateman.mdl models\player\p_butcher.mdl models\player\p_hunter.mdl models\player\p_jive.mdl models\player\p_molotov.mdl models\player\p_roje.mdl models\player\p_wally.mdl
  26. recently i actually ran into this bug and managed to semi-sort it out when i started hearing these weird beeping noises through my headset when the input delay started happening idk if the same fix will apply for you but i haven't noticed the problem since i ran a program called DriveCleanup and got rid of a couple hundred ghost devices, you can download and get info about it on this site https://www.raymond.cc/blog/uninstall-hidden-devices-calling-ghostbuster/ Hope it helps "i say i semi-sorted it out because the problem hasn't resurfaced but i'm not exactly sure what the issue was or how it was exactly fixed and that's about the worst kind of fixed you can get"
  27. so iv been searching around trying to figure out how to replace a specific player model with a modded skin, so as an example lets say i have a the Honoka skin for Badass, how would i make that skin appear on any other character model like Hunter or Jive. if i don't want it to replace the Badass model i figured it would be something simple like an ID value that each character model is referenced by but i haven't seen anything that sticks out as an ID value
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