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  11. Hi, I can not play with my friends. Can someone help? I create a server and they can not connect
  12. Was just browsing my past and found my old account here. Where did all the vets and devs end up? It sure is a trip down memory lane looking back 11 years.
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  14. New update! Unlike v2, where there were mostly minor fixes and changes, version 3 is more large and carries noticeable changes. Main target new version - make map more difficult and make design store more destroyed and atmospheric. Now every wave (many thanks Wazanator for help, i couldn't have done it without him) creates a fixed number of runners and kids, and with each new wave their number increase, making the map hard. Now the map has become more difficult, but more interesting - you need a teamwork, experienced mates and a desire to win, and do not try to pass this map solo - this is impossible. - Replacing some textures - New lighting and design store - The difficulty of map is greatly increased. - Increased time a trap (before 2 minutes, now 4) - Fixed over 20 glitches that player could use - Now you can build more boards on barricades points. - Disable spawn during evacuation - Other minor fixes and improvements. Download Screenshots new version
  15. These are just the thing you can't meet up with
  16. And then nothing... I found an abandoned ass.
  17. hello i am josh rogers i am new here just created my account ___________________ IT Company in Jaipur
  18. Scream Woods - Escape Mission "Nobody in the room could believe that an incoming message came from that old creepy forest, those desperate survivors needs an immediate extraction before zombies wipe them out. This is our duty, our people needs us, i just hope that it's not too late..." >>> Subscribing automatically update & place this map in: ...\steam\steamapps\workshop\content\... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1669256333 Features: - Medium difficulty - Outdoors open areas - Dark & creepy forest decoration - Unexplored caves - Ruined buildings - Hidden items and weapons - Ending cinematic Version 1 - 28/02/2019 * Map created by Ulreth * Special thanks to (Escuadron Batata ARG) server for beta testing
  19. All Of the are normal because they can't make the gush out of it (Y)
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  21. It is possible, but scar and m16a4 have same name path
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  23. Cmon, don't be shy, give me your thoughts.
  24. I've been thinking about the virus, a fanfic idea that takes like 10 years after the outbreak. The idea is that the virus was mostly in the East Coast and Europe, those places get destroyed by the hordes and they spread to the Midwest and eventually West Coast. So then the West Coast fortified their cities during the horde waves of tens of millions of undead and began rebuilding. So then basically post-apocalyptic nations form in the West Coast. Then I thought about the virus and how it spread, I heard that the infection is uniform but then looking at the game to me it suggests that it spread. What do you guys think? Does my idea make sense? Do I act like Bethesda and retcon the lore or something?
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  26. Is there a list of custom win conditions for the original survival maps? I heard you could play the piano in NotLD for example to escape manually but it's all hearsay, I see no discussions or a list of them. Namely the Ransack, Flooded, NotLD and the rest of "we got this!" achievement maps.
  27. Can anyone recommend me the best product from the list mentioned in this site : https://justchainsaw.com/best-small-chainsaw/
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