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Urban dictionary.

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Mines pretty solid

1. Eyedea & Abilities

61 up, 5 down

Eyedea & Abilities is an Underground Hip Hop duo. Eyedea acting as the MC, and DJ Abilities serving as the producer. Michael "Eyedea" Larsen was born November 9, 1981 and passed away October 17, 2010. He was known as a prominent Underground Hip Hop artist, as well as a freestyle battle champion with notable wins at Scribble Jam in 1999 and the HBO aired Blaze Battle in 2000. DJ Abilities is known for winning 3 DMC awards, as well his mixtapes. Although initially known as a B-boy/Battle rapper, Eyedea & Abilities shocked their audience with the release of their debut album First Born. The album covers a wide range of Philosophical topics embodying the teachings of Krishnamurti, Plato, Ayn Rand and many other intellectual thinkers. The album E&A was released in 2004, and By the Throat was released in 2009. Michael “Eyedea” Larsen passed away on October 17, 2010 due to an accidental opiate overdose. The legacy of E&A will never fade from existence. The duo was always loyal to their fan base often times humbled by the simple act of a fan seeking an autograph or passing on encouragement. Eyedea has found posthumous fame in death, allowing his message to reach a wider audience. He was one of the greatest to ever pick up a microphone, and while he was certainly flawed as a person, his love for humanity shows that he was a beautiful being, this world isn’t good enough for him. R Eye P finally free.


3. Skill

129 up, 51 down


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What, Radar Ass?

1. Radar Ass 2108 up, 743 down
August 16, 2012 Urban Word of the Day
This happens when your body knows when you are getting close to home and automatically wants to expell all feces in short order
Holy crap we are still 10 minutes away from getting home and i have a turtlehead poking out, must be my radar ass kicking in again

Oh, I see.

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Using your real name?


Actually but my name is supposed to be based on an norse myth of some viking that conquered and pillaged named Eric the red, he was "red" because he had red hair.. llol I actually had red hair when I was born but it turned brown over time . :P

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100 % accurate

1. vincent
2965 up, 1311 down
and can have sex with multiple girls at the same time.
woww, i wish i was just like vincent, isnt that right les?
2. Vincent
1701 up, 517 down
An intelligent man who can be a bit vain, but is generally very attractive. A ladies' man, but with fairly conservative values when it comes to relationships. Very hardworking, and equally stubborn, he won't back down for anything. He's got a great sense of humor, and enjoys making others laugh. Likes dirty jokes. An all-around good guy.
Guy 1: "Dude, did you see all those girls all over him last night? What's he doing with just one?!"
Guy 2: "Well... he's a Vincent."
Guy 1: "Oh."
Guy 2: "Yeah, man."

Girl 1: "Wow... he's so... Vincent."
Girl 2: "I know, right?"
Girl 1: *Faints*
3. Vincent
1220 up, 496 down
Someone extremely awesome; someone pleasant to be around; someone who makes unbelievably charitable choices.
"Dude, that guy just gave me 100 dollars!"
'Wow, what a Vincent!"

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Oh my God, your name is Howard?


P.S. Try harder next time.

I wasn't trying to make it impossible to figure out just wanted to make you work for it a bit.

Anyway what infamous Howard has slandered my name?

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