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Minimalistic HUD changes

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Blah blah blah working on HUD concepts.

I originally had a pretty long page prepared for this but since i'm an idiot and closed Firefox instead of Chrome I managed to lose the page i'd typed up explaining things as well as mentioning a few flaws i'd found in the concepts I whipped up.

So I'll just dump it and see what people think (This entire concept is done in Survival Mode since it has the most HUD elements to begin with):

Right click + Open in new tab/window etc to view the full images.

Default View (General Gameplay)


[Tab] View


[Compass] View


[Chat] View


Next Wave View


Zone Icons


I know the chat view is doable from looking at the res files, but the other elements would probably be much trickier.

The scoreboard in particular for example.

I have no idea if the scoreboard will be removed in the future but either way I did a quick concept for it.

Other potential HUD Additions would be:

  • Mic usage only visible from the scoreboard and above player's heads. (Remove the HUD element for it)
  • Zones with extremely low health would show up on the player's HUD regardless of whether or not the compass is in use.
  • Zones that are at 0% would show up on the compass like zones C & D do in the example above.
  • Make it so player names only show up when the player is using their compass &/or looking at a player as well as make it so player names are attached to the player in the 3D space so they aren't visible through walls.

I probably forgot a ton of other stuff such as the typeface in my concepts probably needing a change but i'm too lazy at the moment to figure out everything I missed.

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Yea, this idea is better. Much more clear and simple then the current HUD. In "real life" there's no meter to tell you about your ammo or things like that.

Scoreboard may find the use of a "clan tag" column useful as well when the game comes to steam.

What I would like to see is that when you want to look at the "compass" you pull one out and your view shifts to look at it.

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I love that heart monitor thing on the hud.

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Our tab menu is being completely redesigned since it has been, mostly intentionally, completely neglected and ignored up until this point.

I like the zone icons.

As for ammo and stuff, Dark Stealth, it's still a game, and we're not going to make it inconvenient on purpose.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I like the idea behind the heart monitor too, there might be a better way of implementing it though (in my mind it's a scrolling vtf file that's animated to add a "glowing dot" at the end where the heart beat reads out so it looks like a real life heartbeat monitor, i'll see if I can post an animated gif as an example later today to better clarify what I mean).

I've never thought of how to do HUD design for survival horror games, so providing a good balance between immersion & giving the player the information they need seems a bit hard to me (I've mostly done HUDs for arena shooters - which are pretty much meant to be as bare bones as it gets).

Glad to know you like the Zone icons Maxx, if they ever get implemented I can whip up the image files for them if you need them or someone else on the team can probably make something more stylized.

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Double posting with the final concept for the heartbeat monitor.

It's a bit out of sync from the moment the heartbeat starts to the duration of the flatline but this could be easily fixed. (I didn't add the additional frames for filesize & animation smoothness reasons).


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