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Safe-spots that should be fixed on Isolated, Favela & Northway

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1. Who cares about favela, in my opinion it is a terrible, terrible map.

2. You're not getting 'poisoned' When you don't move for a minute your screen goes turns red, if you shoot while your screen is like this it becomes a critical hit. I think it's supposed to mimic if you were to stand still and actually try to aim and hold your breath to shoot at something for the best accuracy.

3. Spots like on the tables aren't a big deal because A. you're supposed to lose when all zones are taken (broken in 1.06) B. Run out of ammo and you need to move somewhere to get some more :P C. It's really up to the mappers to fix these various spots.

4. That spot on isolated near the stairs is going to be tougher to fix, because the zombies can't tell if you are downstairs or upstairs (that's why they kept walking down the stairs to get you)

5. Fuck favela

6. Fuck favela

7. The table in northway will probably be fixed but once again, it's not in a zone and players camping will lose the game

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