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Placing Individual Zombies!

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Download and place this fgd into your directory.

Just overwrite your original one.

This will make you mappers able to place runner zombies, shambler zombies, and kid zombies.

You will also be given the option to change their skins.

You can choose to have a female zombie or a male zombie

and the black kid or the white girl.

For some reason when you choose the skins for the kid zombies, you might get an error model.

I don't know why it does that, but I promise it'll work ingame!

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You can create individual npc if you want.


Interesting! But it says it's obsolete and I don't have that entity in Hammer editor. I can still create it "by hand" and it works in-game in steam. Is there any reason I should not use this?


Normal zombie is npc_nmrih_shamblerzombie.

Child zombie is npc_nmrih_kidzombie.

Runner is npc_nmrih_runnerzombie.

Just make an entity and in the class field enter these names and it will spawn in game and attack you. Add the key "targetname" and a "value" (for example "test1"), and then you can spawn them with a trigger by using a point_template. On the trigger you "force spawn" the point_template, and in the point_template you write "test1" on Template1. Very nice! =)

If there is no danger by using this method I think this info should be added to the wiki:


It is very valuable information that can greatly improve the game play! Having that kind of control makes it much easier to create frightening/challenging situations instead of relying on random spawn in. But I don't dare to enter this info into the wiki, as it says it is obsolete in Hammer. Maybe we should not use it for some reason?

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