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nms_ factory

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This is a map which has been sitting in my files for quite some time. I decided to get it out and finish it and polish it up. The map features a supply drop every round with a large amount of zombies in a "Close Quarter" Area. This map is mainly for people who find other maps too easy. Even though a supply drop comes in every wave there is no where to hide. This map forces you to work as a team with team mates. From seeing people play on this map on a server I have seen many people coming together to defeat this map. there is a secret room with a code of "5574" The map also includes some fake volumetric lighting which has been used in some hl2 maps.

Pictures, Look before you try!:





You use to work in this factory. But then the infection came. FEMA told everyone to stay inside. You, a survivor who has managed to survive inside the factory. FEMA left behind afew weapons to aid your survival. Find your friends and fight against the oncoming zombie horde. FEMA know about your location and are determined to keep you alive! They will drop supplies for you as much as they can! Don't let them down!


-Supply drop every round to give you an edge on the zombies!

-Zombie entry corridors

-A working sun or env_sun (Not sure if its been in any other maps but I think this is the first)

-New weapons from 1.06 and extras

-Dynamic fog

-Volumetric Lighting

-Locked room, Code is "5574"

-Destroyed apocalypse factory

Download Link: http://gamebanana.com/nmrih/maps/170430

Special thanks to: The MMNB community for supporting me and giving me tips and ideas. You are a great help! Visit the mmnb community at www.mmnb.org

Want to see extra things in the map? Tell me what you like about the map and what you would like to see below!

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I didn't play your map but next time I'll see, I'll give it a try.


Is it this map only a big warehouse room and the zombie spawn from 2-3 doors?

Did you test it on NMRIH 1.06?


Could you add more details.

Judging by the screenshots you gave us, Your map could use more details.

What if you lower the ceiling and make your map more claustrophobic(and less empty)?

The walls seems too empy...

Could you add some decals or some posters or security sign?

for instance there's a funny poster of a fake movie(Gulf Wars 2).

You should add more details...

I hope that this post will be helpful to you.

Edited by elivance

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awww not steam link images. my internet is wayyy too shit to load those.

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Pretty fun map, quite challenging.

I suggest you should add hints around the map for the code, because when i first played i didn't knew it.

Could use a bit more rooms and details, but nice work otherwise. ^_^

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