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[HOW TO:] Use nmrih assets in Source Filmaker()SFM

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I want to make this tutorial to encourage y'all to create wallpapers and videos set in nmrih world.

1-Download Sfm from steam store(It's free, It won't harm your wallets)

2- Copy nmrih directory from ...\steamapps\sourcemods\ to ...\steamapps\common\SourceFilmaker\game\

(some subfolders of nmrih as \media and \resources can be deleted)

3- Go to ...SourceFilmaker\game\usermods\ and open gameinfo.txt

4-In this file go to searchpath section and add "Game nmrih" using the same layout the others

5-Now you should be able to use nmrih assets and create something like this:


It's a bit rough but I think that shows the capabilities of the Source Filmaker

Few Tips:

- If you see weird lights errors when you load a map type in the console "mat_specular 0"

- It's suggested to disable the Ambient Occlusion(AO) and enable it later: it will improve the camera movements.

- Save damn frequently this software is still in Beta.

- Weird black dots means that you have to work on the AO, reducing the bias and/or the radius.

Tutorial Online

Valve tutorials:

Jimer Lins tutorials:http://www.youtube.com/user/JimerXLins

SFM forum:http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=1469

P.s. <if something is not clear or wrong add a reply and I'll modify the OP.

Edited by elivance

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it may not harm my wallet [which is dead already] but it would harm my hard drive, jesus!

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it may not harm my wallet [which is dead already] but it would harm my hard drive, jesus!

yeah! I forgot to say that SFM uses more or less 10Gb.

In other news, I made another wallpaper, I don't know if I will consider it finished or not.


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