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3rd Person Animator

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Hello, my name is Donovan Watt

I am applying for an Animator position

Currently working as a freelance animator for Xulu Entertainment, developing in game cycles and rigs for their android avatar and pet characters. I graduated from animation mentor's character animation program, which has given me a solid foundation in animation. I also have 5 years of past television experience, editing and creating motion graphics.

you can contact me via email at donovan@donovanwatt.com

You can see my animation reel here: donovanwatt.com/character-animation-reel

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And here he is! Finally posting his app on the forums haha

Good to hear from you Donovan, I'll get you setup later tonight when I get home from work.

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I might be curious, but I have a crucial question, do you know anything about rigging and animating for source using blending animations?

Other than that, I like what I see :)

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