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Translations (Part Deux)

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So, here's brand new russian translation (based on fixed old one made by me) for 1.07




Hell, usually i'm a modest person and i just hate to mention a thing that bugged me, but:

all translations are made by me and started with a clean slate. This is not an upgrade of versions posted before by other people,

so it was kinda strange to see the names of other russian translators under the lines of my job in files in released version. Eh.

Edited by Crv5h

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Hello, dev teams, sorry to bother again.

Is there any possible to translate the Objective lines?

although I know it is in the nmo_xxxxx.nmo file, but can it be independent like we translate closecaption_english or nmrih_english.txt files?

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The wiki can be edited by anyone, including you! Go right ahead and make the changes. We appreciate your help. :)

I didnt know lol, doing it right now :)


Here what i changed:

  • "La partita comincerĂ  presto!" CHANGED INTO "La partita comincerĂ  a breve!" (both ways are grammatically correct but A BREVE means something that is gonna happen very very soon)
  • "I sopravvissuti sono stati devastati!" CHANGED INTO "I sopravvissuti sono stati annientati!" (ANNIENTATI is the proper translation of overrun)
  • "Lanciarazzi" CHANGED INTO "Pistola lanciarazzi" (LANCIARAZZI means an rpg not a flare gun, PISTOLA LANCIARAZZI means a flare gun)
  • "12 Gauge" CHANGED INTO "Calibro 12" (not much to say about this, it was just not translated i think lol)
  • "Arco." CHANGED INTO "Arco" (The full name is ARCO DA CACCIA, and that's correct, but it can be abbreviated to ARCO, "Arco." makes no sense as it is a full word, is like "Bow.", fixed it)
  • "Server cvar \"%s1\" changed to %s2\n" CHANGED INTO "Cvar del server \"%s1\" cambiata in %s2\n" (did you not translate it?)
  • "Voteban iniziato per il giocatore: %s1\nHai %s2 secondi per votare.\nScrivi !yes per approvare il blocco." CHANGED INTO "Voteban iniziato per il giocatore: %s1\nHai %s2 secondi per votare.\nScrivi !yes per approvare il ban." (BLOCCO just makes no sense at all)

I think "Rientro in %s1 minuto(i)" is to change too, but didnt touch it as it is correct anyway but is different from the english one... in english would be "Respawn in %s1 Minute(s)".

If you want to change it just put "Rientro in %s1 minuti" and "Rientro in %s1 secondi" (minutes and seconds)


Edited by RevenantGhost

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Can I get text files for next update?

I'm TChinese translator, by the way.

Edited by x5566asd

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