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Got some jobs for you guys!!

7 posts in this topic

Well i recently need artist who can draw pretty good and i need some art of top down views of the main menu background not been used.. Instructions background, Level select scene with the levels of top down view.. Need levels done.. in top down view.. characters such as zombies,soldiers,cilvilians..

Levels Streets


Home ("Just make it outside the house")





Mansion ("No need to make it big just make sure it looks like a home of the inside")


Did i mention theres pay for this game who ever wants in..

You have my word guys

This game is based on a tower defense.. A mix with plants vs zombies type of style.. but with soldiers

Name: Zombie Spree

Any other type of name you like to suggest go ahead and let me know?

This needs work!!


Menu i would like it to say is..

Play game



Character bio ("With clickable characters to choose and read there Biography")

Multiplayer Local ("Make sure you make a background for that as well cause im going to program it all inside. Also Make sure level select menu is made so i can make em clickable but i do want both people to either spawn zombies or spawn humans to make it fun..")

Credits ("To Let people know whos the credit goes to")

Level select needs new style also


Same way but ill make more information and give it to you to use..


Yeah im not a very good artist


The tower example


The Instructions background needs new style


Something like this but without the moon face.. And the zombies not shadowed


Example what it should be like..

The example

Background sizes




The game will be available on Itunes..

Ipod/andriod and the mac

Sold for 0.99

if not it can also just for 1.99 but not going any higher




Add me on facebook ill give you guys all updates on it..


sincerely, MrZHStudios

Edited by DarkUndeadSpawn

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I dont think its legit to post that here even i got my ass kicked when i asked for staff for my map

you sould be asking this on moddb, even tough they wil just laugh at you and not take your Sirius for not having a design document and more explanation

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You should find people at some indie-game forums. Our team has hands full of work to do already. I doubt there are many free "unemployed" artists around these forums either.

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lol, 1 out of 978436569835469 people would help you with this. first of all this is done so unprofessionally, and 4 pictures don't make a game, it takes time and dedication. and second of all, it's really really rude to come here and ask the team who's already developing a game, to do your job for you. http://www.indiedb.com/ is a place for you.

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Ok for one i wasnt asking for the developers to help out!! i was asking if someone would help me not too much to ask.. and yes 4 pictures can do it .. i made it too i already have the app working i just need more better artist cause i said up top im not good at art so i need someone to make it better.. thats not too much to ask or rude..

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And ill just look on the indie forum to see who might help i need atleast 2 or 1 people..

Edited by DarkUndeadSpawn

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Well basically a big part of your problem is you should be showing off a Youtube video of your game in action since you claim ts all done you just need better art.

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