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Ghost Kage

Casus Belli

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Hey guys, I'm not too active at all on these forums, but I love the NMRIH community and play the mod constantly, so I figured I would spread the word about a mod I've recently been playing. Besides NMRIH I also play BF3 and games like that, and I stumbled upon this mod while surfing moddb.com. It's basicly a realistic version of Battlefield 3, it's for Crysis Wars, and the level designs are gorgeous. It just came out so the player base is still building, but I figured I would show you guys so you could give it a try. I was playing today and I had alot more fun playing this then I do Battlefield 3.

Here is the moddb page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/casus-belli

Here are step by step download/installation instructions:

Download the following files:

Crysis Wars Trial:


Crysis Wars 1.5 Patch:


Full Casus Belli 1.0


Casus Belli 1.1 Patch


It's a lot to download, so I did mine while I was at work. I would set it up over night if I were you.

Installation Instructions:

1. Install the trial version of Crysis Wars.

2. Install the 1.5 patch.

3. Create a folder named "Mods" in your Crysis Wars main directory.

4. Drag the "casusbelli" folder into the newly created "Mods" folder.

5. Drag the patched "casusbelli" folder into your mods folder and hit yes when it promts you to replace anything.

6. If you run into any problems, and you have an FX-4100 AMD processor like I do, visit this forum post for the solution: http://www.casusbelli-mod.com/forum/...hp?topic=493.0

If you have any problems there is a FAQ on their website, and also feel free to ask me, I might be able to help.

Would be a lot of fun to play with NMRIH players on this game, cause teamwork makes it all the more better, hope to see some of you guys on the battlefield!

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Yeh, i've got this all up and installed but there barely ever seems to be anyone playing it, plus I keep getting this 'CD check failed' error when trying to join/start any games. So haven't even been able to play it so far.

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When you get the CD Check Error, and it appears to add the CD Key, type 11111111111111111111 basicly, 1 20 times. It should work, I got the same error and thats the fix!

I was on earlier and we had a server of about 20 people going, apparently most of the people at least right now, who play, are in Europe so the time is off at the moment.

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ffs, it's like im being penalised for having legitimate copies of Crysis, warhead, and Crysis wars. That 'CD-check' error just wont go away (i've even tried altering my registery) but by the sounds of things people who download the trial can play no problem. Apparently downloading Warhead 'may' fix the problem.

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