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Texture Artist

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Hey, my name is Alex Filipe

I am applying to be a texture artist.

While I don't have much expirence doing texture work specifically,

I am very skilled in the Adobe creative suite such as photoshop, illustrator and after effects.

I have done professional freelance design work for various small time companies.

You can contact me through my email: alex@filipe.ca

Or through steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/R0tt3n

Or just send me a pm

Here is my website containing my digital work both freelance and personal



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Hey, thanks for the app!

Texture art is pretty different than regular 2D design. On top of everything it involves creating normal and specular maps to go with the albedo. World textures also must be (generally speaking) tileable vertically and horizontally without being offensively noticeable.

If you want to give it a try, go ahead and make some cinderblock wall, untreated/unmowed grass, and rustic wood panel floors. They should all be tiling vertically and horizontally. Don't worry about normal or specular maps.

Textures should be saved at 512x512 resolution.

Give it a try and lets see what you've got!

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Hey, sorry for the long wait school work started to pile up.

Thanks for the shot at this, i really appreciate it.

The images should all be tiling vertically and horizontally.


Kinda went a little overboard with the distressing on the wood panels, I'll make sure that wont happen next time.

Edited by R0tt3n

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What they will surely tell you is

Yeah, I was checking the tiling with the offset filter and kinda messed up the centering ahah.

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There are three methods to texturing: photomapping, photosampling, and handpainting.

Photomapping almost always looks like ass, and unless you're really skilled handpainted textures will also look like shit and incredibly cheesy.

Photosampling essentially combines those two in to one thing. You're taking elements from texture references ( CGTextures is a website used by the entire games industry) and blending them together with some handpainting. The results are textures like those in HL2, Uncharted, Battlefield, and even our mod as well as most other games in general.

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Your work looks good, but please don't post the same thing multiple times. Why not start your own thread? ;)

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