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Interesting mods

40 posts in this topic

Horror mods:

Cry of Fear:


Which is apparently releasing tommorow:

Out of Hell:


Old, but looks quite good:

Multiplayer FPS:

Mod for Crysis Wars:

Casus Belli:



Ham and Jam:


Firearms Source:


Resistsance and Liberation:


WW1 Source:


The red Orchestra 2

Iron Europe:


Risisng Storm:


In Country Vietnam:


Crysis SP:

Cryzone- Sector 23:


Open outcast:


THe worry of Newport:




Mods for Stalker:

The Lost Alpha:


Oblivion Lost- Lost beta:


Stalker online:


Spectrum project:



Ivans secrets:


Wilson chronicles:


Black Mesa Source:


Operation Black mesa:


Mafia: City of lost Heaven

Utterly random but awesome looking mod:

Mafia - Titanic mod:


To name a few.

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Black Mesa Source looks like it's on its way to becoming the Duke Nukem Forever of Source Mods.

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Stalker SOC - OGSE mod:


A really good mod for Shadow of Chernobyl with some cool features, for example:

Random radio chatter with Stalkers talking/offering to sell/buy items and the places they will be, updates on when emissions will occur/mutant waves etc.

Lots of new weapons

Spawns a bit less static with new ones added. A-life seems a bit less restricted (A downside of this tweaking is that AI have incredible nightvision/will stay engaged with enemies at ridiculous distances and through multiple walls/objects at times)

Fully translated from Russian to English, there are some Gems:


I'd like to smoke some 'Tales of the crazy forest.'

A really good mod for fans of Stalker, anyone looking to play SOC through again should really try this mod out. Its not perfect (a bit of a mess at times and quite imbalanced in places) but does provide quite a fun experience.

To note some good moments while playing:

after massacring basically the entire military outpost (their 3 man patrol started firing at me early in the game while I was clearing boars from near the road, the boars went after them, then they went after me, after which their entire base basically moved on the cordon villiage) I picked up enough money to get an AK-74 (along with grenade launchers/ammo from dead Spetznatz.) While heading to the Bandits Garage, I came to the crest of the hill overlooking it, at the bottom was a group of 8-10 Bandits heading my way, switch to my grenade launcher, fire a grenade into their ranks that kills about 8 of them, finish the other two off with the AK. Just doing my bit to keep the Cordon tidy.

After taking out the military checkpoint under the bridge in the Cordon, I decided to make a couple of runs ferrying the dead Soldiers' equipment to the nearby deserted factory so I could sell it all later. I start taking it there and leaving it, then I notice a Stalker who's hovering about the area, I get out of his way and he starts making his way towards my pile, I couldn't believe it, that AI bastard was going to take the lot right infront of me, so I hosed him with my MP5. I felt guilty, reloaded and decided to try and find a better stash spot. (The point of that story being that AI actively go looking for 'Loot', which I thought was cool.)

Fleshs' have been slightly altered so that they now posses mild Psi abilities, along with some of them looking grimier. This led to a couple of 'what the hell' moments, but by far the scariest: travelling to the Apogrom research institute looking for the Militaries documents in the dead of night, get to the level changer in the Garbage that leads there, load into the new level and I instantly start hearing all this weird shit. Distorted, semi human sounding moans, screams, pleas etc along with the sounds flesh' usually make when alerted, takes me a second to realise i'm surrounded by a group of them that must have been heading towards the level changer at the same time I was, pull out my AK and start hosing them, too many of the them/not quick enough, and I die. Shat me up a treat.

After helping the group at Agroprom fend off the Military, Military/Spetznatz reinforcements arrive. A Helicopter flies over, I fire at it with my grenade launcher, hit it, and it goes down right in the middle of a group of Spetznatz securing Agroprom. Priceless. (Along with a shitload of 'loot' and a new Military suit)

There's a new versions being developed that contains new levels etc, im probably only anticipating the 'Lost alpha' more than that.

Also, Minigun :o

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Frontiers: (Source-Mod)


Played this ages ago, but there was no one on any of the servers. Its had a recent update that may have changed that, at the very least its an original concept.

The ship: (HL1 mod, fully fledged Source game)

HL1 version:


Source version (Full game)


Never even thought to get the source version until recently and it's still a really fun game (There's usually at-least one populated server) got two spare copies of it awell if someone'd like to trade for something.

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I've yet to play it, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say probably not.

Its a different engine, so a lot of it would probably need to be remade for it to work on a newer version. It does look like a mod worthy of buying the base game just to play though.

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Looks interesting, but I sure hope they're not using re-skinned HL2-zombies as monsters in the final version. Like, seriously.

I'd also like to see some NMRiH-maps in such awesome fog.

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In Country: Vietnam is way better.

Yeh it does look fairly badass, and yeh, UE3 is more capable for that type of gameplay.


Rising storm:

apparently they've got some people who worked on HBO's 'The Pacific' on-board, which can't be a bad thing.

Funny you should mention the HOTD series FPM, I bought one of these a few months ago:


along with HOTD 1,2 and 3 for the PC and some other lightgun games. It works suprisingly well (Also works with emulators like the Sega model 2 emulator with which you can play pretty much arcade perfect versions of games)

Which got me thinking, how hard would it be to make an on-rails lightgun-shootery type source mod. The light-gun I bought essentially takes over the mouses movement and you aim like that, so, if you programmed some free aim in (cursor capable of travelling to the edges of the screen without the players 'head' moving) it'd probably be half the job done. Also, considering how much content there is for source, you could make all types of scenarios from the different games available (CS: source, DOD: source, TF2, L4D) along with original content.



Completely forgot about that mod, but I do remember having a lot of fun playing it what must've been years ago.

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This is a project on Oblivion that I've been following for a while

And recently they announced that it will end up on Skyrim and have posted a video that showcases it

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