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So, you've completed a map for No More Room in Hell? Awesome!

We are super duper stoked that you have made a map for our mod, a map that you're proud enough to release to the public. We bring this subform to you to keep things organized for everyone, amatures and pros alike.

So you have your finished map... Now what? Well first you will want to upload it somewhere. Anywhere. With the recent shutting down of numerous hosting websites we cannot directly recommend any particular service.

So now that it is all zipped up and sitting on the internet, now what? Well, that is when you come here and....

#1: Create a thread!

You will make a thread in this sub-forum, and the name of the thread should be exactly the name of your map (nmo_funtimes, nms_dinks, etc) and the "topic description" could be a brief one-sentence idea of your map.

#2: Basics!

Give readers a small paragraph, just a few sentences of a summary of the setting and premise of your map. Keep it short and clear!

#3: Story!

Does your map have a story? Sweet! Stories are rad. It's not easy to tell a story in a map, and not all maps have stories. If you put that effort in, feel free to share it in your thread!

#4: Media!

Everyone, EVERYONE will want to see your map before they waste their bits and bytes downloading it. This is your chance to woo and awe the crowd.. Show off some awesome screenshots, or even a video or two. Knock some socks off and blow some minds!


Self-explanatory and OBVIOUSLY the most important part of this whole endeavor. I highly recommend not forgetting this part.

#6 Do not post plagiarized maps. It is not ok!

Good luck, and we here at NMRiH can't wait to see what you've got.

Don't forget, when your map is DONE feel free to submit it to NMRiH for it to be officially included in the game. We are always looking for quality maps!

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