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Map Idea: Central Park Escape

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An idea stemmed from a story I wrote for the story competition a while back.


A group of survivors attempt to make their way to the Metropolitan Art Museum in an effort to escape the Zombie Hordes. The military used the area as a evacuation point and while much of the Civilians were evacuated in the early hours of the outbreak much of the equipment still remains and is operational.

After holding out inside the basement of the Arsenal Building located within the now deserted Central Park Zoo you must fight your way to the Museum where the staging area is and call for rescue.


1. Find the key to the Main Doors of the Arsenal Building

2. Find the Key to the Main Gate of the Zoo

3. Navigate your way to the Metropolitan Art Museum

4. Find the Fuel Can to power the Generator to the Radio Control Centre

5. Signal for Help with the Radio

6. Get to the Roof the Metropolitan Art Museum and board the Helicopter.

Optional Objective A: The Zoo has a private armory stocked with Weapons, look for it for added firepower

Optional Objective B: Deactivate the Military Signal System (This reduces the amount of Zombies in the area that are spawned as the noise is attracting them)


The Survivors begin within the basement of the Arsenal Building located within Central Park Zoo. In order to escape they must find the main lobby key. The Arsenal building has four floors. A basement level which your in, a ground floor, a 1st floor and a 2nd floor. The key can appear anywhere in the latter three floors in offices and various rooms. The private armory is located on the ground floor in a utility room, the key normally spawns anywhere in the Arsenal building including the basement spawn area, this is an optional objective but makes navigating the map easier with alot of guns on hand.

Once outside the building, Players can explore a limited section of the Zoo, the key for the main gate appears in one of three locations. The Zoo School, Cafe or Gift Shop. Once the gate is opened the players must navigate either across Central Park along a series of winding paths or take the 5th Avenue street. The Winding path offers least resistance but is longer and considerably dark (flashlights are a must in this section) but the 5th Avenue offers the quickest route but the most zombies and obstructions (there's also some fires in and around the area).

Once at the Military Outpost, you need to find a fuel can to power the generator outside of the Radio Control Tent. It can be located either inside the Art Museum, inside one of the army tents or inside a back of an Army Truck. Once you signal for rescue you must make a dash to the roof of the Museum of art by taking the Emergency stairs to the very top, you must wait there fighting off zombies until the Helicopter arrives.

There's an automated signal system that activates when you turn on the Generator, to turn it off you need to destroy the Antennae located at the far back of the base. To destroy it, simple shoot the explosive barrels around it.

It takes 3 minutes for the Helicopter to arrive and stays around for 60 seconds before it leaves.

In terms of the weapons you'll find common tools you'd normally encounter in and around the areas of Central Park, shovels, baseball bats, pipe wrenches and the like including Chainsaws. They generally can be found anywhere but utility and storage rooms or tin shacks hold them mostly.

There should be very little in terms of firearms including ammo at the Zoo (only the private armory has some weapons near the beginning). Flare Guns however are very common, found inside Red Emergency Kits that can be found in and around the areas of Central Park. The weapons in Central Park Zoo are largely "Civilian" orientated, so more or less Shotguns (SV10, Winchester X3) and Rifles (Sako 85). Pistols themselves (92FS and Colt 1911) appear semi-common but ammunition is extremely scarce.

As you venture closer to the Military outpost you'll start finding more powerful "military and police" weapons, such as the Remington 870, M16A4 and MP5A4.

What does this map bring to the table:

Simply put it brings forward a element of classical nature, at the moment Cabin is the only other "Nature" map. This map would combine industrial urban city scape with the natural essence of nature. It also gives an element in another rescue scenario but with multiple routes to take, a quiet long and safe route or a quick and action pack quick route.

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It certainly fits within the games know official map area. That being New York.

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