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Zombie view & Map idea

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When you die your view stays in first person and then you helplessly watch as your now zombie body chases down your friends.

The zombies are still A.I. and you get and interesting perspective.


A six story apartment complex or something like that. You start on the top and there are many different paths down.

-Elevator ( Sometimes works or is dead )

A. When working it will only work once and randomly take you too one of two floors or take you to the basement full of zombies.

B. When dead on one floor the door will be open and you use ladder to climb down on top of the elevator and climb inside and then to that floor.

-Gas Oven( turn it on and blow a hole in the floor )

-Fire Escape( Broken from explosion, only goes down one or two floors )

-Keys ( Many locked doors and keys )

-Generator( Makes the elevator work again or start working )

-Basement ( Full of zombies & is exit or generator location or key location )

-End radio on second floor ( Escape out front door )

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If you die and become a runner near your old friends, they will kill you few seconds after, so it wouldn't last enough.

If you die and temmates are far from you or manage to run out of your sight or where you can't reach them (for example, over the fence in chinatown map), you end up watching a boring up and down of you zombie patrolling the same area.

I really don't know if zombies can be used in anyway in this mod. I don't think so. Better to come out with something else...

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The view would be interesting sure--but until the AI is fixed so that they are actually able to follow the survivors further than down the street its kind of pointless.

The map sounds like it would be a blast to go through and would take lots of teamwork, i dont think it would be possible to rush that map.

EDIT: And i think the view shouldn't be forced on the player, if they want to switch between viewing a teammate or their zombie they should be able to, but thats just what i think.

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