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NMO_Broadway (Bugs / Issues / Sudgestions)

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NMO_Broadway Issues, Bugs, Glitches, and a few suggestions.



Manager office door won't open. Codes 9247 & 1854 both do not work.


Many doors are set to auto open or not auto open. It is very inconsistent and causes a lot of people getting stuck in doors.


People getting stuck in the stairs you rebuild.



The lever at the end has such a large spawn range people have trouble finding it sometimes and wander around till death.


On the order, Hotel -> basement -> sprinkler -> office -> finish, the map can be beaten faster than most routs in cabin.


With the shotgun always spawning outside the spawn room to the right I found standing in the spawn pointless and kept rushing to it and then speeding through the map.



Standardize all doors that have locks to break off to either auto open or stay closed.


Basement Suggestion:

-Connect the bottom of the bar to the bottom of the hotel by maintenance ally or just a room connection.

-Make stairs missing when you enter so you can't back track and leave.

-Turn the stairs you rebuild to either a ladder or a locked door where you hunt for the key.

-Allow the "Don't Open" door to break open and flood zombies a little bit after entry or have the board be required to rebuild the stairs.

-"Don't Open" room can either be pitch black with a player block and flooding zombies or an underground parking area full of zombies.

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