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Batman Arkham City PS3 Review

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Allright so lets start with the ups and then the downs...

The Good


+Features a ton of awesome villains

+Story is great and the ending is the awesomest ending I've seen in a video game(even better than Infamous 2's Ending)

+Ton's of fun gadget's(I especially like the freeze grenade)

+Combat is great and quick fire gadget implementation is a great idea (You can now counter three enemies at once)

+Open world is really nice especially when you take out thugs by glide kicking them in the face and then kicking the cr*p out of them(classic batman)

+New gliding system combines the old gliding system with a totally new system perfect for the open world

+Awesome side missions that dont feel tacted on

+New game plus

+Tons of riddler stuff(if thats your thing)

+Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are still the very BEST Joker and Batman

+The sound in this game is terrific(Everything from listening to them recap the happenings in arkham city to a clueless inmate or an inmate talking about how Harley Quinn is hot)

+Stealth has been improved ALOT(Double stealth takedowns are my personal favorite all though there are a ton of new takedowns!)

The Bad


-Story is VERY short

-Very small amount of side missions

-New game plus only works once

-Catwoman gameplay kinda sucks(And you need to buy the game new or else you don't get her also this is a one time use code)

-Catwoman only riddler trophys(which FORCES you to play as her)

Gameplay:10 Sound:10 Graphics:10

Final Score 9.5

Last Words


Although playing as Batman and kicking *ss is perfect a few things stand out like how unenjoyable it is to play as Catwoman,The short story and the small amount of side missions still this is a great game and you'll miss some awesome Batman kicking *ss if you dont at least rent it.

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