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Funny Videos!

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not exactly a funny video, but this is so fucking melodic and perfect :(

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Song about a penis.


Sony e3 2006 Press Conference in 1 minute

A G-mod thing, not terribly good, but better then most most "lol look what I can do in Gmod" videos.

A Video version of Half life: Full Life Consequences, I like the Text version by itself better, but, eh.

Super Bowl ad, not really funny, but its not often you see Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons in the same thing.


The Space Camp Song!

2 Spoofs on the Mass Effect/Fox being idiots, news report.


3 Banned 360 Ads.


I'm sure most of you are aware of this one, FYI I am a Spy.

2 videos not as much funny as they are "oh god this is so stupid I can't help but luagh" "The nightmare of non christians!"

Spoof on Tom Cruise.

I'm sure after the epic movie these guys did, you are all well aware of them, but I'll post this anyways.

Ballad of Black Mesa

William Shatner Singing about how we are all going to die.

Jim Carrey singing about love.

These 2 videos really only apply to you if you understand what Face of Mankind is..or was.





Thats all from me, for now.

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Not really funny, but just incredibly awesome.. no words can describe it.

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