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The metal/rock/punk/emofagshit topic

236 posts in this topic

And yet you can't seem to get a girlfriend, simply boggles the mind. But thanks for reinforcing my point by making a bloated attempt at an insult rather than sensibly debating and therefore making your own opinion invalid. Congrats

Anywho, rather than drag this on Imma keep posting musics I likes

I borrowed Alien by Strapping Young Lad from a friend and quite enjoyed it, then found The New Black to be pretty good as well. Wasn't that impressed with the earlier stuff but I find I am quite fond of Devins Solo work. Particularly when he actually sings rather than shouts, and have become somewhat hooked on the ridiculous Ziltoid the Omniscient album

It is a damn good industrial album, might have a bit too much filler but that's fine cos it has Suicide Jag one of the best fucking industrial songs of all time on it.

You believe in 'sensibly debating' music? I thought I was joking. Christ alive, I'm not. I'm not joking anymore. I stand behind what I said.

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I stand behind what I said.

Well as long as you don't stand in front of it I'm cool


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My list for some good metal \m/ :

1.Rammstein. Favorite song:

2.KoRn. Favorite song:

3.Pantera. Favorite song:

4. Killswitch Engage. Favorite song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILb_RTO7FtA

5. Dream Evil. Favorite song:

6. System of a Down. Favorite song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUa5yJNaLBs

7. Metallica: Favorite song:

My list for some good ol' rock:

1. Scorpions: Favorite song:

2. Guns n' roses: Favorite song:

3. Queen: Favorite song:

4. Toto. favorite song:

My list for grunge:

1.Nirvana. Favorite song:

2. Puddle of Mudd: favorite song:

3. 3 Doors Down (post grunge) favorite song:

4. Breaking Benjamin (post grunge too) favorite song:

5. Linkin Park (used to be good, now it's shit, and no, it's not grunge, but i'll just add it anyway) Favorite song:

Enjoy my playlist guys ^_^

Rock on \m/

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(do these fuckin videos show up as links or as lil windows you can watch the shit on from the forums? it seems like it just randomly decides if it's gonna be one or the fuckin other...drives me nuts)



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I was so willing to believe that was a real dinosaur bone museum.

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Fairly certain I have posted it before like a bajillion times but I still must express my love for Embody The Invisible.



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