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NO MERCY "No I am not ripping L4D off"

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This story contains violent, disturbing and horrifying moments. This book contains mature language.

This story is...unique.

You can stop reading but this story will follow you.

You can run but this story will find you.

You cannot escape.


Also don't blame the creator if you can't sleep after reading this story.


You awake to find yourself in a pitch blackness. You are naked and freezing cold. Whatever you are laying on is also freezing cold. Perhaps metal. Attempting to stand, you find yourself hitting your head on a very, very low ceiling. You also realize that you cannot stretch your arms out. You feel as if you are in a frozen coffin. Frightened, you call out for help. “HEY! HEY HELP!” No one responds. Turning your body, you strike out in frustration at the wall where your head was once lying. When your energy diminishes you put your head down. What are you doing here? Who are you? Unable to know who you are or where you are frightens you. Just as you are going to give up, something catches your eye. “A-a light?” You grumble. Yes! It is a light! You must have broken the door holding you in your icy prison! Pushing as hard as you can while lying down, you bust the door open and light floods in. You immediately fall through and hit the ground. Stunned, you notice the floor is white and cold. Standing you gaze upon your surroundings. You are devastated when you see the room littered with body bags... Filled body bags. There is also some sort of operating table, surgical tools, and a sign reading, “Mercy Hospital, Basement”. Your eyes widen in shock and dismay. Immediately you turn to where you were trapped before. As you realize. You were not in a coffin. You were in some hospital's morgue!

As frightened as you were, you had to get the hell out of there. Running into a nearby hallway you observe your surroundings. To your left is a stairwell at the end of the hall. To your right is an elevator. The morgue is behind you. What do you do?

1A. “I can use the elevator to get to ground level.”

[keep reading]

1B. “I can take the stairs, maybe someone is using them.

[Go to 1B.]


You hit the button that calls the elevator...Nothing happens.

“Shit...” You mutter to yourself. Looking up you notice that the lights are on... That means the power is on... Impatient, you jam your fingers in between the elevator doors and spread them open. To your surprise the elevator is on your floor. Stepping into the elevator you see a red substance on the keypad for selecting the floor you wish to go on. Deciding that the elevator is not going to work you look up. You find a hatch that people use for maintenance. You climb up an feel an eerie chill run down your spine. The elevator shaft is freezing. Looking up you can see light. About three floors up you can see an elevator door open.

Using the maintenance ladder you climb to that floor. “The second floor...” you say to yourself. Walking forward you see a door with what seems to be blood on it. A lot of blood. Forward is the “red” door. The hallway turns left and ends by a window. The hallway itself is littered with papers. There are also other rooms with some of the doors open. What do you do?

2A. Open the bloody door.

3A. Ignore your interests with the door. You need some clothes...


As you open the bloody door, the gagging smell of flesh rushes you. You gag at the sight. Bodies are strewn out before you. The wounds are mortifying. Bite marks and scratches. Arms and legs missing. Walking forward you examine the room. The room has four beds. There is medical equipment everywhere. Suddenly, one of the bodies on the ground moves. Stunned, you watch him struggle to stand... What do you do?

3A. Run, Someone killed these people. You could be next.

4A. Help the poor man. He obviously needs your help.


Hurrying through the hall, you check each room looking for anything useful. You find what seems to be a doctor's coat. Along with some green pants. After you put them on you go into a hospital patient's bathroom. You look in the mirror. And smile you don't look all that bad. You lean down and turn on the sink.

The loud sound of the sink makes you jump. Laughing at yourself you wash your hands and lean down to drink the tap water. After you lean up you look into the mirror and freeze. There is a reflection of someone standing behind you. Your mouth drops. His arm is severely broken and his jaw is bloody.

Spinning you face the man. “Who are you?” You say. The mans face suddenly turns to a face of anger. Screeching, the man charges at you tackling you to the ground. You fight back but this man, this beast gets a hold of your throat with his jaw. You bellow as he tears your throat to pieces. Kicking and screaming, your vision fades and your blood flows from you. Despite your ambition to live you can't help fading out. As if sleeping. The last sounds you hear are chewing noises.


go to 1A.


Staggering forward, you say “Hey, HEY!? Are you okay old ma- Agh!” Your jaw clenches as this man bites into your forearm.

Kicking him in the head you pull your arm free and jump back. The man then proceeds to stand and falls to the ground. His leg, his leg is missing. “What the hell are you!?” you bellow. This beast has a torn face with missing skin where his jaw is. You gaze in horror as he snaps his jaws screeching at you. His screech is deafening. To your surprise you hear other screeches, not far but close. Like on the same floor close. You panic and look out the room. So many of these things are busting out the the stairwell and running down the hall. You slam the bloody door shut, lock it, and move a hospital bed in front of it. Quickly you examine the room. There is a window, some broken bits of wood, and bodies. What do you do?

5A. Build a barricade and defend yourself.

6A. There is only one way out of this...down.


Quickly, you grab another bed and attempt to cover the door with it. But as soon as you get to the door it flies open slamming the previous bed into you. Falling on your back you quickly grab a broken piece of wood and defend yourself. The beast that busted the door down pounces you, but before he rips your face off you stab him in the neck. He screeches and falls to the ground dead... You quickly realize you need to get out of here, but before you even get a chance, you feel an extremely sharp pain in your neck. You DUMBASS! You think to yourself. YOU STUPID FUCK!

The beasts fill the room and begin stomping, kicking, and biting you... You forgot the old man that bit you before...


go to 4A.


“Heh... I hope I can fly!” you say with sarcasm. Turning, you are about to go open the window when you hear the door crash open, all the while hearing screeching from those creatures. “Crap...” you say while spinning to the window and sprinting to it.

You yell as you tackle through the window and fall two floors and crash into some leaves. Lucky me. You think. You look at the window to see the creatures turning back. But, one of them doesn't. In fact, one of them leaps out the window and lands four feet away from you. “Aww shit...” you say. The beast charges after you. But as soon as he reaches you, you hear a loud gunshot. To your surprise the beast falls to the ground with blood spouting from his head. You quickly stand up to face your savior. A man with a pistol. Rugged and muscular, he looks at you. “You guna stare at me all day lad? Or are you guna ask me for some help? Like some clothes?” I laugh loudly as we run to a building that he has barricaded. I get some clothes, a pair of blue jeans and a dark blue shirt. They fit me pretty well. Well, at least I have a place to rest for now...

During the night you awake and find yourself eating the very man who saved you. You are stunned but keep eating. An extreme anger has taken over you. You glare at the bite mark on your arm without any interest. You then storm out of the house looking for your next victim.


.The End.

Go back to the beginning and pick 1B. to see the alternate story [its right down here]


Rushing down the hall you open the stairwell door to see almost as much darkness as when you were in the morgue. You shudder at that thought. Standing in the center of the stairwell you can see a clear way up to the very top floor. “Damn...” you say. This hospital must be at least 30 floors high. You see a bit of light some distance up. A door must be open, you think to yourself. Climbing the stairs you soon find yourself exhausted. You have come to the floor where the door is open. However as you approach the door you see it shut. Unable to call out from exhaustion, you catch the number of the floor you are on from the wall next to the door. The number is soon unreadable as the door shuts cutting off your light. “Floor...eight” you say tiredly. Floor eight... What do you do?

2B. Wait for a while. Your still pretty tired from all that walking...

3B. Open the door and go in...


You decide to wait and catch your breath. It is pitch black now. All the light from that door is gone now. Just a small slit of light coming form the door's window. Sitting down on your bare bottom you scratch your head trying to figure out what is going on. Breathing deeply you stand up ready to go through the door. Then a sound... A small sound... You are not even sure you heard it. Then it happens again and again. Footsteps? Suddenly a small toy car rolls across the ground. The light just barely making it visible. You stoop down to pick it up. When you reach down for it on your knees you see small shoes, dirty. Looking up you see a little boy. But you freeze. The boys face is torn off. Torn off! You stay there staring at him. You can see his whole jaw. All the teeth stained with blood. You are about to ask him if he's okay, when he jumps on top of you biting at your head and neck. But not just him. Many kids pounce you... Tearing you limb from limb... Before you could even wonder what the hell they are, they eat you alive.


go to 1B.


Quickly opening the door you push inside. You are in a long hallway. The sign by the door reads. “Child's Infirmary Ward”

But what you see next is devastating, there seems to be so much blood everywhere. “What the hell is going on here?” You mumble to yourself. Looking out the window you watch a woman running from several people. You shudder, she makes a deafening scream as they take her down and begin...biting her? BITING HER!? You look away... something is very, very wrong... Suddenly you hear someone crying. A little girl. Walking down the hallway you find a little girl sobbing over a mans bloody remains. You immediately decide its her father. She turns to you and stares. “Aren't you going to yell and chase me too? Just like they did my dad...” she says. “No.” You reply solidly. “Then you aren't like them?” the little girl says. Yet again you reply no. She then asks. “Then what are you doing in this hospital...naked?” Oh crap, you think to yourself. You had forgotten that your butt naked.

Soon afterward you found some doctor's clothing. They fit you alright. The little girls name is Janice. Moving out of the room she says, “Don't let them bite you... that's how my mom changed... Sh-she chased after me and my dad...she” her voice softens to a whisper. “She's still in the hospital...” You turn to her and say. “That doesn't matter we have to find a way out of here.”

Observing the hallway, you see another window at the end of the hall, and an elevator to your right. What do you do?

4B. Take the elevator, those stairs were a killer on your legs.

5B. Go to the window. Maybe you can see something.


You take Janice's hand and move for the elevator. “I don't think its working...” Janice says. “Fine... I will just open it then.”

You stick your fingers in between the elevator doors and pull them apart. You see that the elevator is no where to be seen. You then say, “I think we can...Janice? Janice whats wrong?”

You see her staring at something behind you. You spin around to see at least twenty kids. All silent, all motionless, all so bloody... Then when you were about to speak they all screech at once and one leaps at you pushing you into the elevator shaft. Falling...falling... You abruptly smash onto the ground below... your body broken with the kid on top of you. The child stands up and stares at you. That is all that you witness before you die. That and Janice screaming...


go to 2B.


You take Janice's hand and run to the window. Far away you can see a boating dock with a man loading supplies. “We have to get there. And we have to get there now!” you exclaim. “But how?” Janice replies. You look to the left of the hospital's outer wall and smile. “With that.” You say. Janice follows your eyes and sees the board of wood with rope attached to is corners hanging outside the hospital. “Window cleaners use it all the time to clean the windows on tall buildings.” you say. “We can take it all the way down to ground level.”

Shaking, Janice climbs on to the board with me. I immediately begin to pull the rope that brings the board down.

When we have about one floor to go I hear the rope beginning to rip. There are large bits of glass pointing upwards below you. Some are even bigger than you. There is also a tree next to to you about three feet away. What do you do?

6B. Lower the board [its a scaffolding] down, It's only one floor.

7B. Leap for the tree.


You are about to start lowering the board again when your hear a loud snap. The rope has broken and you land on your back. Well that wasn't so bad, you think to yourself. As you raise your head your are shocked to find a four foot long shaft of glass sticking through your stomach. The glass is a shade of red. Your blood. You are impaled. Janice rushes to you wide eyed and screaming. Before you can even tell her to run you black out.


go to 5B.


You instantly leap for the tree grabbing onto the tree's branches. Janice leaps for you but she misses the branch. Just before she falls out of reach you grab her hand and pull her up. The board immediately falls into the glass spikes below.

You and Janice climb down the tree and begin running as fast as you can to the man with the boat. He sees you running and quickly arms himself. “We are not them! We are human.” You scream. He shakes his head and aims his gun. But not at you but behind you. The noise from the board walk crashing into glass has alerted all the beasts nearby and they are stampeding behind you. There are at least 50 of them. “Shit...” you say to yourself. It is a clear run to the docks and the man has started his boat. Its clear that he is waiting for us, but Janice is slowing down. What do you do?

8B. Keep running.

9B. Pick her up and run like hell.


You keep on running only to turn and see Janice fall to the ground. You instinctively turn to help her. When you reach her one of these beasts have jumped on her. But before he bites her you tackle him to the ground. The rest of the mob is far behind but gaining fast. Before you can get up and run with Janice the beast bites you. Punching him in the face, you free yourself and run picking up Janice on the way. You get to the dock and place Janice on the boat. Immediately the man says “You lad, will not get on my boat.” He points his gun at you. Janice looks on in horror. The man was about to speak again when you interrupt him. “I understand.” you say as you examine your forearm where you were bit. “I will stay. It was nice meeting you Janice” you say as the boat drives off. She sits there crying and waving. The boat is now far away... You see that the horde is a good few blocks away. You also see a police car next to you. You quickly step inside and are glad to see the car is running. After locking the doors you turn on the car's stereo. There was a strange, high class song being played with a piano. You pull the glove box open to find a loaded pistol. Pulling it out you stare at its design. The beasts are snarling outside your car. You put the gun to your head and fire. All goes black like a light switching off.


but you made a difference

.The End.

go to 9B for the good ending


You run by Janice and pick her up. You then pick up more speed and eventually you reach the docks. The man helps us on board and begins to drive off. You sit there breathing heavily as the city before you fades to the distance. You can still hear the screeches from those beasts. The man asks if we were bitten. None of us were and after a while the man, his name was John, calls for someone to come from below deck. A woman named Sasha, John's wife, came up from below deck. She was surprised and maybe frightened to see us. But she calmed down and we all relaxed. John told us of how he was gathering supplies and had a fort to hold out at near the hospital. He talked weird always calling me lad. He asked me my name and I had no response. So I told him I didn't have one. “That's alright lad. We will think of something. We are headed to an island not far from here, a lot of edibles there. We can wait this thing out.” He said. I just nodded. Janice was sleeping on my lap as I looked into the sunset to a place. Any place that was far, far away from that hospital.. and its morgue.


.The End.

Go to the beginning or 8B. for the alternate story.

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Heh... I had to make this "choose your own path story" for homework.

How do you guys think I did?

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Interesting, only problem is that the first option always leads to death, so it's quite predictable.

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Interesting, only problem is that the first option always leads to death, so it's quite predictable.


I know that, its surprising to see how many people keep dieing at my school though

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