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Merry Gear Solid 2

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Merry Gear Solid is a freeware indie game made by Arthur Lee.

Download for Merry Gear Solid.


Download for Merry Gear Solid 2.


First of all, if you don't like metal gear solid or you're not a fan of strict stealth games. This game is probably not for you, if your a fan of stealth games but not necessarily mgs then you might not enjoy this game, because even though the games are very satirical and contain tons of humor, the humor is very self referential and sticks very close to the source material.

For the rest of us the these two games are clever well written games that have fairly high production value, and excellent gameplay.


- High production value. Including custom voice work for all the characters, as well as a custom metal gear solid inspired soundtrack.

- Very tongue in cheek take on the MGS universe, constantly breaks the fourth wall, though there is an obvious love for the source material and the whole game is very well written.

- Gameplay is top notch. This game feels like a metal gear game, the inventory system and sneaking feels just like a highly polished metal gear game.

- Not a run and gun. Stealth is important.

- The game respects your time. Total play through for me was three hours. Which I liked.


- Story is convoluted, which to be honest is just an homage to hideo's way to tell a story.

- This is a metal gear game which means extended codec calls.


- No menu. Nor menu options. This was frustrating as the control scheme is less than ideal, a way to rebind keys would have been lovely. Also there is no mute option or ability to adjust visual quality. Also a way to save the game would have been ideal. There is a save system but I was not under the impression that it saved automatically when you went into a new area. So I spent a good half hour trying to figure out how to save my game.

-Difficulty is harder in the beginning and gets easier as you go, this is mostly because of the equipment you will collect on your way.

- Boss battles sucked. They were based on gimmicks that were not really based on any real gameplay elements, which was disappointing.

- No way to skip codec calls. The longest calls never really went past the 6-7 mintue mark, regardless I feel that should be an option.

- Also there was a backtracking, and was due to obvious laziness.

All in all these are awesome games, and are short enough and yet satisfying enough to be enjoyed thoroughly.

Considering they are free, they are at the very least worth a download.

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Thanks man. I didn't know you were a fan of MGS.

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Thanks man. I didn't know you were a fan of MGS.

Even though he hits me sometimes, I sincerly believe him when he tells me, that he loves me.

I just don't know how to quit you kojima.

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