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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

A Review

Some of the voice acting is pretty bad. I think that's partly due to getting used to the movies and cartoons and their voices. Also, they tried a bit too hard to make Deadpool funny and it kind of rubbed me the wrong way. In that case, I think it might actually be the voice delivery that's the problem.

The environments are usually pretty good. There are factories and industrial complexes, but it's also balanced out with city streets, the jungle, and iceland, so there's definitely some variety.

The story itself, though with a lot of deviations from the actual civil war story, is still pretty good. I only played the pro-registration part so far, but that only takes up the second act, it unifies for act 3. Anyway, I think they did give a good feel of the gravity of the situation.

The combat is definitely fun. There's the basic attacks that are similar for everyone: fast attack, strong attack, grab, block, and a small amount of combos. Then there are also four powers for each character. You usually end up mainly using the powers and switching over to normal attacks while your energy recharges. It doesn't feel like your restrained from using your cool moves, which is nice, since they're fun to use. On top of those, there are also fusion attacks, which uses two characters for a super attack. There are 3 types: clearing, guided, and targeted. Clearing is an AoE, usually sucking everything within a radius and doing a bunch of damage to them. Guided gives you more flexibility than clearing, letting you move your attack around to get more people, which works a lot better for spread out ranged opponents. Then targeted is generally for bosses or leaders, since they're a focused attack on one person. They're fun to watch and definitely feel powerful. And watching Deadpool and Wolverine team up to slice and shoot people as a team looks really cool.

Beyond the core of the game, there are Sim Missions, Heroic Feats, and collectibles. There are 12 Sim Missions, which you usually get during the HQ map in between missions. I just finished them all and, except for the last one, they're all pretty easy if you know what you're doing. Each character has 3 heroic feats, one of them unlocking an alternate costume (which is usually kill 50 people tied to either pro, anti, or neutral to registration) and the other two are for unlocking boosts. The collectibles are hidden all over the missions so there's a sort of treasure hunting going on while you play the game. If you miss any, you can go back and replay missions using the simulator in the hq levels. I appreciated the fact that they showed you what you were missing for each part of the missions, since it makes going back for items a lot less of a hassle. There are 3 characters that are unlocked via items (Jean Grey, Thor, and Hulk). There are ten items throughout the game for each of them, but you only need to find 5 to unlock the character.

I mentioned boosts in the previous paragraph and I'd like to expand on it. There are over a hundred boosts in the game that can be found or unlocked. You can find them in the maps, earn them by doing heroic deeds, beating Sim Missions, answering trivia questions, or by answering a certain way a number of times in conversations. You can apply 3 of them at a time and they do all sorts of things like boost your stats, allow you to do more damage or add different types of damage, decrease recharge times, give you more fusions, or even give all of your characters super strength (like Hulk or Thor).

The characters themselves are pretty cool. There is a lot of variety within the 24 characters available. There are a couple balancing issues, since Green Goblin and Thor are a bit overpowered (although Green Goblin sort of makes up for it by being a total pussy when he's off his glider). Other than that, the rest of the core characters feel pretty stable. I spent most of my time with Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Deadpool, Gambit, and Spiderman, but I switched through all the characters at least once to do some heroic deeds with them.

Although I haven't tried it yet, there is four player coop, both locally and online, which I hope to do soon.

Anyway, I liked the game and had a good time with it. I'd recommend giving it a chance if you think you'd have fun playing it.

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You definitely didn't play this game high enough brah

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on Fist

- Deadpool

- Mr. Fantastic

- Spiderman

- The Thing

- Green Goblin

- Thor

- Iron Man

- Hulk

- Captain America

- Storm

- Penance

- Songbird

- Lucas Cage

- Venom

- Jean Gray

- Gambit

- Daredevil

- Iceman

- Invisible Woman

- Ms. Marvel

- Wolverine

- Human Torch

- Nick Fury Temp

More characters will be playable through the planned downloadable packs.

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Dont forget the console exclusive bullshit. Most retarded shit ever.

Hey, do you want to play as Cyclops? What about Blade, Psylocke or She Hulk? Too bad. You have to buy a PS3 for that.

DS gets The Sentry.

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