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How To Setup mIRC (and Connect to the NMRiH Channel)

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So you need help setting up your IRC? It can be somewhat confusing at times, but this should help you out quite a bit.

If you are unsure of what IRC is, please read HERE.

Please follow these steps to connect...

Step 1: Download an IRC Client.

Step 2: Install the Client

  • After you are finished downloading Mirc, install it just as would with any other program.

Step 3: Setup

  • Open up Mirc and you will be greeted with a box that wants some information typed into it. Type in your full name in the box, your email address, a nickname (as you want it to appear in the channel) and alternate nickname (in case your first one is invalid or already in use).
  • Uncheck "Invisible Mode"
  • Make sure that the it says "Server: Gamesurge Random Server". If it does not, click on the "Servers" link on the left side of the box, find the folder labeled "Gamesurge" click it and then click "Gamesurge Random Server" to click the "Select Button".
  • Click the "Connect" button to connect to IRC. A series of beeps and text will appear indicating that you have successfully connect to the Gamesurge server.

Step 4: Joining the No More Room In Hell Channel

  • In the main window that is now in front of you, you will notice a text box at the bottom where you can type something. Type /j #nmrih and you will join the NMRiH Channel.

Step 5: Adding the #nmrih Channel To Your Favorites

  • Click on the "Favorites" link near the top left of the program windows to bring down a drop
  • down menu.
  • Select "Add to Favorites"
  • A window will appear. Type in #nmrih in the channel text box and check the "Join on connect" box. Then click the "Ok" button. This has made it so that every time you connect to the Gamesurge server, you will automatically connect to the NMRiH Channel.

And....You're Done!



To idle an IRC channel means to connect to it whenever your computer is online and sit in it even if you are not using the program. It is a way to show support for the channel. The more people idling in an channel, the more support people assume when they connect to it. The program itself takes up almost no system resources so your system's performance will not be affected by it. We would greatly appreciate it if you could be in our channel whenever possible.


Please act just as you would on these forums in our channel. The same rules apply for both. Violation of the rules there (or on any service run by NMRiH) will directly affect you on these forums.

Other help:

If you need other help with the Gamesurge, please refer to this website HERE.


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