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Name: Enzo

Real name: Peter

Age: 19

Steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978416921

Email: exco5000@googlemail.com or get me on steam

Location: UK, Surrey

Microphone: Yes i have one and i use it.

Specs: 3.4 ghz single core, 1g Ram, 800x GTO ATI and OS XP


Have not ever applied for a beta tester post before, but this is more because I have not seen a game that really got me excited enough. I don't know If this would be consider as experience but I have in the past for Insurgency posted exploits on forum, such as invisible ledges, also glitches and changes to maps to make the game play more balanced. I have had a lot of experience with ZPS map exploits, when collisions used to be on and the odd prop exploit, mainly used to getting to spots where the Devs don't want people to be.

Personal Reason:

The mod interests me for several reasons, one is that it has zombies, two you are implementing vehicles from what I have read which I have not seen done before (in a FPS source game), three iron sights I just love a bit of realism and something that I have longed for in a zombie game barricading. Another reason why I would like to join the beta tester is that it would be a nice way to integrate into the community.

Ps when i was reading what NMRIH was about i read that there would be NCPs which would work with you but also NCP that had different mission to yours the military. Would this mean that military would try and quarantine an area and try to stop you from escaping? It would be an interesting concept.

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oh, well i hope they get implemented in the future but its not that big a part and thanks for the wiki link answered alot of questions. I hope you will consider that app thanks.

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