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Level Designer

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My Name:

Hi, my name is Frankie 'Craka_J' Hutzler.

Position I'm Applying For:

I am applying for a Level Design position for No More Room In Hell.


I've done level design (otherwise referred to as terraining) for a few WarCraft III mods. Some examples would be Apocalypse, Wc3:WoW, and several small map projects. I have some experience with the Esenthel Engine's editor, OGRE's "Artifex Terra 3D" editor, and over five years worth of experience with working with WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne's "World Editor". Note that I have never done much in-depth level design with the Source engine, but learning prestigious editors such as the Source SDK shouldn't be a problem at all. As far as the actual LEVEL DESIGN part goes, I don't have much actual proof that I know what I am doing, but I have a great attention to detail and know how to deal with lights to set the mood of an area and how to design an interior. I do just about all my level designing on the spot, meaning, I don't draw the level and then do it. I feel it is far more effective to see the level progress in the editor than on paper since it gives you a way better idea and it may look better in the game than it does on a piece of paper.

Designing the layouts of levels isn't an easy task, but I know I'm good at it. I have a keen eye for adding details to empty areas. I was the main moderator at The Hive Workshop for the Terrain Section (Which falls into level design) and did that for a few months or longer but quit due to being too busy and just about all levels required the exact same lecture/advice over and over again.

Sorry that my background doesn't look so promising. I'm currently head of the WarCraft III mod Wc3:WoW and am also doing most of the terrain at the moment. Hopefully that looks a little better. If not, I'm also a good traditional artist which can be proven through viewing my Deviant Art gallery. If I can't fit the level design expectations, maybe I can do concept art. If you'd prefer to give me a test task to test whether I really am good at level design, I can create a level in WarCraft III's editor and take several shots to prove my worth...

Contact Information:

MSN Messenger/Yahoo Messenger/Email: Craka_J@hotmail.com

Steam: -{DaG}- Craka_J (You can probably add me through this email though: war3_wowteam@hotmail.com)

Xfire: crakaj (I don't use it often, but you can add it regardless since I pop in there sometimes)

Edited by Craka_J

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Thanks for the application Craka J!

Unfortunately we'd need to see more practical content such as screenshots from Source maps before anything could happen... If you can make that happen then we can talk ;)

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Alright, no problem. I'll see what I can do.


I hyperlinked my mod's page to show you some terrain I've done already, but I was told it was difficult to notice the text was actually a link... so I made Wc3:WoW bold and underlined. Hope it helps! The terrain is mostly based off of screenshots.

Edited by Craka_J

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