How to Submit an Application

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To submit an application start a new thread in this forum and use the template below. NOTE: if you want to be a little more private about your submission, you can email them here - ==================== Thread Name: Position you are applying for Hi, my name is <name>. I am applying for <position>. List any experience you have, etc, etc. You can contact me using the following methods: <aim,msn,email,or pm> ==================== Please try to include screenshots / portfolios of your work. An example: ==================== Thread Name: Programmer Hi, my name is <insert name>. I am applying to be a coder. I've done C++ coding for a few years now after learning on my own while I was in middle school. I was a member of a few other mods that crashed and burned in the early days just like half of the other ones. I've also done various programming in Perl for web sites, bulletin boards, etc. You can contact me on AIM at <insert screen name> or MSN at <insert screen name> Thanks for considering my application! ==================== We will review every submission. Thanks for reading and good luck.
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