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Osrs blackjacking guide - fastest method to train thieving

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Welcome to MMOAuction's manual to RuneScape gold blackjacking. In this guide we will cover subject of blackjacking and answer a few questions such as what it is, the way to do it and why you ought to do it. With this article you will have the ability to max your Thieving skill in days. If you want to know about it, then you'll find everything you need in the text below, so let's begin.

What is blackjacking? Blackjacking is an ability which could be conducted to gain experience in Thieving. It is based on the usage of Blackjack that is members-only melee weapon to knock-out enemies and steal away from them when they're unconscious. Blackjacking can be carried out on bandits around Pollnivneach and will not work on Ardougne Knight. In order to begin Blackjacking players will need to complete Feud Quest which requires 30 level in Thieving skill however the best level in Thieving to start blackjacking is 45.

GETTING TO LEVEL 45. Before you'll be able to finish Feud Quest and start blackjacking, you will need to reach level 45 in Thieving also this usually means you will have to use different methods before you will start training with this one. The fastest Method of Getting Thieving experience on low levels is through finishing quests like The Feud, The Golem, Land of the Goblins, and Troll Stronghold. If completing missions isn't what you desire and you would rather focus on normal ways then you need to use the methods listed below. There are 3 Kinds of blackjack in Old School Runescape - Oak, Willow and Maple Blackjacks. Every one of them can also be made into one of three specializations offensive, defensive or only a normal. It is not what you should be looking at since while training every one the specializations are fine just make sure that you use walnut type because this one is your ideal. Purchasing on the Grand Exchange will be the shortest method of obtaining this product but you could also finish first part of Rogue Trader minigame that also rewards it.

Now you've acquired a blackjack, then you will be able to understand how to utilize it. As mentioned earlier, blackjacking involves knocking out your goal to pickpocket him afterwards (twice) and repeating this process to collect experience. So to put it simply, you have to click your enemy to the knockout and then click to pickpocket twice once he is unconscious.

Because in buy OSRS gold bandits are dazed just for three seconds, you need to pickpocket them as fast as you can, failing to pickpocket them time, will result in being captured. This means 5 second stun and damage taken. From time to time bandits will also want to take revenge on you, which results in the message out of them"im going to kill you for this" and eventually them assaulting you. This can be avoided by taking the right actions.

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