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A little brief on Men ED

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"Erectile Dysfunction is a serious issue that needs to be diagnosed and treated properly. Some common reasons for ED are heart problems, diabetes, Injury near the penile area,  smoking/drinking, drug use, medicines or lack of blood supply to the penile area. Hence it is always better to consult a doctor as you start noticing ED. In many cases, consulting a doctor for treating ED at an early stage has helped patients diagnose an illness such as heart problems, diabetes, etc. 

How to prevent being a victim of ED
Diet control
Healthy Weight
Consult Doctor if medical is reflecting ED. 
Exercise regularly for better blood circulation

Say no to smoking, drinking alcohol and drug use.

How to overcome Erectile Dysfunction Illness
Daily Exercise can help increase blood circulation
Stop bad habits if that is refecting ED
For general use, medicine such as Sildenafil Citrate for Men is best recommended
Penile Pumps
Surgery in extreme conditions.


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