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Soccer 2020 / Mini-Game

Take the challenge and beat your friends in a classic football match! Map ported from CSGO


>>> Subscribing automatically update & place this map in: ...\steam\steamapps\workshop\content\...

- Medium size indoor field
- 4vs4
- Football with vphysics
- Special cvars
- Soccer system ported from (CSS KA Soccer)
- Goal effects & sounds

HOW TO PLAY: Hit the ball with a welder, direction & force will depend on where you land damage in ball hitbox, furthermore, lighter + V seems to get stable results

CVARS needed in CFG (some of them with sm_cvar):
+ sv_difficulty casual (without plugin)
+ phys_timescale 0.9
+ phys_pushscale 800
+ sv_respawn_nearby_allowed 0
+ sv_respawn_time_notoken 13
+ sv_stam_jumpcost 0
+ sv_stam_min_move_pct 0.9
+ sv_stam_min_sprint_pct 0.7
+ sv_stam_regen_idle 40
+ sv_stam_regen_crouch 30
+ sv_melee_require_stamina 0
+ sv_stam_regen_moving 18
+ sv_max_stamina 150
+ sv_airaccelerate 10
+ sv_gravity 750
+ sv_infection_chance 0
+ sv_bleedout_chance_low 0
+ sv_bleedout_chance_high 0
+ mv_speed_normal 150
+ mv_speed_riflesights 150
+ mv_speed_sights 150
+ mv_speed_sprint 325

*** Map created by Ulreth ***

--- Soccer System from KA_SOCCER (CSS) ---

Edited by Ulreth

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Version 3:
+ Added helpful text
+ Added NMRIH Team Deathmatch plugin support
+ Added ending cutscene
+ Added tool_welder as main weapon to push ball correctly
+ Changed some entities names
+ Removed zombies to avoid players infection
+ When using plugin cvar sv_difficulty should now be "classic"
+ Fixed extraction bug
+ Fixed wall shots
+ Fixed missing ball critical bug
+ Fixed explosion damage

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