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I'ts been 4 years in the making, it's finally in the final stages. Penitentiary. It started as a test, as I spent more time and positive feedback I decided to put blood, sweat and, tears into making this. I am finally ready to begin showing off screenshots, footage, and more.


Some important stuff before you scroll down below


 - This map was inspired somewhat by The Walking Dead prison, however I wanted to do my own take on it (you will see some references towards that statement.) There's not much of a story to be told, you can see what events happened as you make way through the inside, and outside the penitentiary. Just know, some HORRIBLE shit went down in here..


 - You can expect this map to be two parts, this map was so massive hammer sdk no longer would handle a complete compile. I simply had THAT MUCH going on, I did try to simplify it but then it took away from the atmosphere. So I guess two maps are better then one yeah? :) As you progress through this hell hole, it will get harder. There are side objectives to obtain some extra weaponry and help, like finding the keys for a small locker room or fixing an outage of the electricity to see everything easier again. However those won't get you far as teamwork will be absolutely the only way to win, especially...the finale objective...;)



Here's the first video and update of the map, back in 2016.


Now 2 years have passed, and this is the newest teaser. Note that is current build, also note objectives are hidden and this is just the very front of the map. You will soon see what it use to look like from back then, till now.



Starting today - You will start seeing much more updates. I do plan on finishing this ONCE AND FOR ALL 2018.


Check on this thread about..every week or two. You will see screenshots and work in progress. Feel free to ask questions. 


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I have been playing this map for 4 years and thought you wouldnt update it any more. Now the update is finally here! Looking forward to it!

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