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All that Time that I was playing No More Room In Hell,I saw that Baseball Bat...And Everyone picked a Good Melee Weapon Like a,Sledgehammer,Machete and Even Fireaxe,I had Two Choices,Pick the Baseball Bat,or Go with the Bare Hands trying you luck to not get the Flu/Virus,I choose the First Option,Picking that Bat.

But on the Time I Saw that...Texture,and Model,And even the Damage,The Damage is Like:

Quick Attack= 2 or 3 Hits on the Head,Heavy/Powered/Charged Attack= 1/2,Depends of the time that You I'll maintain you Bat charged.

So Imagine you "The Player" Only You,On a map,let's do a Supposition,Nmo_suzho,You are at the Final,You have the Baseball Bat,And there's a Lot of Runners and Kids,Comin' for you (Veridical),And them You get Nervous because You have Only a Bat,That isn't Big Thing,And You kill 2/3 Runners and 2 kids,But them the Runners do a Huge Group and Kill you.

The Delay when you attack with Baseball Bat,Is kinda High,The Damage,Is low,Even if you try to do Charged Attack,And Sometimes the Hint Doesn't Count.

My Idea:

Well It's Simple,I suggest for the "Last Update" For No More Room In Hell,New Baseball Bat Variants,Wood Bat,with Metal Bat,By the way (I think that already have a Metal Bat,I guess it's default,Ugh,I don't know,Doesn't look's like it's metal or something",And a Survival Bat ones,With Barbed Wire for Example,Here are Some Stats about this:

Wood Bat (Common),Can be Found Easily on the Start of the Map:

On the Head of the Zonbie: Medium Damage,1/2 Hits,That's the Quick Attack,Power Attack,1 Hit only on the Head,*Depends of the Zombie and Time that you Gonna charge the Bat"... Spawn Rate: 54%

Metal Bat (Not So Common *Uncommon)

On the Head of the Zombie: Above Average,1/2 Hits,That's the Quick Attack,Power Attack,1 Hit only the head,*depends of the zombie and time that you gonna charge the Bat".Spawn rate: 32%

Modified Bat (With Barbed Wire or Something): High Damage,1 Hit,That's the Power attack,2 Hits on the head,Quick Attack.

Spawn Rate: 12 (just like the Chainsaw spawn rate).


Wood Baseball Bat: (Random Wood Bat Taken from the Google)



Metal Bat:




Modified Baseball Bat (Yeah,That's Lucille)


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