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The Harald - May 2nd 2013

H1N1 hits Washington

Encephalitis Lethargica, a newer strain of the Influenza Virus has hit Washington State amid Flu season, though the State Government is weary of its affects on the population following many reports of the new strain in the Eastern United States. Following May Day many have gotten the flu following the May Day protests which resulted in packed crowds, which only spread the strain quicker and more efficiently, with the rise of Flu victims hospitals have been overbooked following increased reports of lethal symptoms. 

Crime rates skyrocket in Seattle

Police Chief Carmen Best of the Seattle Police Department in a recent press conference spoke of sky rocketing crime rates in the city, she stated ''We have gotten increased reports and calls of attacks, mostly at night which is not suprising''. Though there is no apparent reason for the sky rocketing crime rate many theorize it may be over rising prices for medication following multiple Flu outbreaks through out the State, and the surrounding area.

The Harald - May 18th 2013

Northwest Hospital put under quarantine 

Northwest Hospital and Medical Center was put under quarantine by order the mayor following confirmation that those sick with the new H1N1 strain are infecting others in the Hospital, the Mayor despite instating the quarantine has criticized the protocol of Northwest Hospital Staff who have failed in containing the flu in the Hospital itself, over 102 civilians in the hospital have been infected due to this protocol failure.

Protests arise following failure to contain new Flu strain

Following the failure of not just Northwest Hospital, but two other Seattle Hospitals have sparked multiple protests, with the largest being around the Space Needle, which resulted in 43 injured, and one in critical condition. The protests basing their context around the fact how they can not trust the Government to protect them from basic factors such as sickness, which has had light shined on it following the quarantine of Northwest Hospital.

The Harald - May 28th 2013

National Guard deployed amid protests

Following increased aggression in protests against the failure to contain the new Flu Strain, Governor Inslee has ordered that the Washington National Guard deploy one battalion to the most major protest, being near the Space Needle. Following this, the protests have only intensified due to many seeing the deployment of the National Guard as an act to ''silence'' the people. Multiple smaller protests have occured around Seattle, some being centered around Hospitals.


May 29th 2013 - 3:23 PM  

''CP this is Zulu 1 we're at the report site copy''

''Affirmative, advance and observe, do not let protesters advance down the street, we can't have police be overwhelmed''

''Copy CP, wait hold on i'm getting chatter, will report in one minute CP''

''Copy, be safe Zulu 1''

1 Minute and 32 seconds later

''CP this is Zulu 1, the protesters are getting increasingly violent, one tried tackling one of my men''

''Copy, remain vigilant, you have permission to arrest any who do not desist how copy''

''Copy CP''

Yelling can be heard in the background

''Holy shit, CP this is Zulu 1, one of the members of the crowd just pounced and bited one of my men''

''Copy, hold the crowd back, i'm directing 2nd platoon to your location Zulu 1''

''CP tell them to hurry, one of my men is wounded, w-what the fuck, hold him back!''

''Zulu 1 whats your status?''

''CP one of the members of the crowd just bit one of the other crowd members''

''Copy, move in cease the violence, 2nd platoon will reinforce you in 3 minutes''

''What the fuck, CP bite victim is getting back up, HOLY SH-'' static

''Zulu 1 this is CP report''

''Zulu 1 this is CP report''


Work in progress, will release more


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