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[New] nms_substation

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After weeks of frantically fleeing the zombie hordes which terrorized the world and turned the dense cities into deathtraps, in your flight you and your group eventually stumble upon a small rural power station and hope to find respite for at least a short while.

You quickly recognize the signs of a failed last stand here though; blood stains and chewed corpses, frantically gathered ammo piles, partially demolished barricades, stained and sticky firearms with half-empty magazines.

Your group attempts to retreat, but is quickly stopped by the reanimated corpses of those who previously tried to defend this place and the hordes of ghouls which took their lives, and you are forced to pick up whatever scattered weapons you can find and fight to defend yourself until escape is possible.

Will you conquer over these hundreds of shambling monsters who moan for your flesh and blood, or will this dark station become your final resting place before you too join the monster's nightmarish ranks?


Nms_substation is my first nmrih map and is set in an old substation modified into a makeshift stronghold.

It has 2 zones and 10 waves of zombies before rescue arrives, with supply drops every 3 rounds, and runners and child zombies arriving after the first and second resupplies, respectively.

















This being my first map there were a number of things design-wise which I would have done differently, but I would love to hear any and all thoughts about things you like/do not like about this map!

Enjoy! :)





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Looks interesting, i'll definitely take a look at this one when i have some time

Edit: Map looks very cool, very ambitious and very very unorthodox for a first map. Any chance you have experience with the hammer editor or any other editor, because you have so much things that a first timer won't have like a displacements map.

There were certain things that bothered me, not from playing but from a design viewpoint. 

Did u use Areaportals by any means ? Could boost performance by a huge bit if you use areaportalwindows in certain areas.

There were some nasty obnoxious flickering of lights for the eyes, either slow them down or polish them a bit so they don't flicker, rather make it look slower going on and off then making it flicker 4 times a second.

Those fences behind the bushes made the map feel unrealistically as zombies looked like they were appearing out of the ground (just pull down some fences or make it look like one of these fences were pulled down)

As cool as key objectives might look, would be cooler if you could add some variety to the secrets (instead of having a key, force the player to look for a gas can and explode a certain wooden barricade to gain access to a certain area, e.g: nms_midwest "in that map you have to look for a gascan, weld it and extinguish it" or nms_arpley "in this map you have to look for a key and a gas can and a wall will explode"

Also another small thing, would be amazing if you could clip the top of certain parts as players can exploit certain stuff to get on top of stuff 

I hadn't really have the time yet to narrow the playtesting, but i'll defo look for more stuff as time goes on. You have that cool ld flow i like.

Keep up the good work :) and i hope to see more of your maps in the future

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Wow, thank you so much for such a detailed and thought-out answer, it really means a lot! :)

I haven't had any prior experience in hammer or pretty much any 3d mapmaking, the only experience I had was the few basic test maps I made prior to this to learn the ropes. I think that inexperience is a big part of a number of some of those issues you mentioned, but I definitely learned a ton by doing this and have a number of things I think I can improve upon in the future.

I did use areaportals wherever I thought was appropriate, namely in each of the entrances to the building and in various doorways and windows and such. I didn't use any areaportalwindows, however, even though you're definitely right in that there's probably a couple places where they'd be applicable.

Your comment about the flickering lights is something that never even occurred to me, and even though they don't bother me as much it would probably be worthwhile to slow them down and to make them less bright as well.

I like the idea about the fences being pulled down, and I definitely agree that right now it's a little unrealistic to have the zombies just spawn around them. It's just always a little bit of a design tradeoff I think, since that also introduces invisible walls... I can probably get away with making some of the fences be pushed down towards the interior of the map, so that a player couldn't jump out but one could imagine a zombie climbing up it like a ramp.

You're also definitely right about the key objectives; once I learned how to randomly spawn keys and a welding torch I admittedly copied and pasted that for the other secret areas lol. I like the exploding gascan idea and it might be worthwhile to make one secret be accessible only by welding torch rather than key/welding torch.

I clipped as much as I could, and really the only thing I can think of that can be significantly exploited is the table in A. My issue with clipping certain things though is that from a player's perspective it's extremely frustrating to be trapped against a wall or a corner by zombies because you can't jump over an object that in real life you very easily could vault over. I'll look into it a little more though and see if I can find some reasonable stuff to clip.


As part of my own thoughts, I think one of the biggest issues with the gameplay of it right now are that most of the objective entrances are pretty close together---especially B---which makes it easy to defend the point just by corralling the zombies outside the objective and just meleeing them. I think it'd be a ton of work to redesign and restructure those parts of the map though, so I think it'll probably just be something I keep in mind for the future...


Thank you again for your input and I'm glad you found it interesting! :)

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Hey, i'm no official dev team member or something, but you'd have  a fair chance in submitting this map. But you'd have to work slightly a bit more on it i think. Wish you the best luck if you do and if you won't oh well, atleast u made a cool map.

P.S.: i'll leave some more comments on this after i got the proper chance to playtest it.

Edit: I could put your map on Gamebanana, if you want to, unless you want it to stay on the forums. You'll have more people noticing ur map there afaik, i think you definitely deserve a spot. But then again you could always make an account yourself :).

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