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Story- Weeks after a military occupation in New York was overrun by the dead, the survivors are clinging to life within a small laundromat. With supplies waning and tensions growing, the survivors are forced to take a risk by leaving their safe haven and getting into the quarantine, within which the last surviving soldiers supposedly still reside. With means of escape.   Screenshots- https://imgur.com/a/304L9 Gameplay- Design wise, the map has many common objectives found amongst the nmo game-mode, with some new and hopefully interesting twists to objectives as well, such as defending an area from incoming hordes of zeds, requiring more tactical planning and teamwork than normal objective mode in some cases (though its certainly not impossible).   Download (current version) https://www.mediafire.com/file/4666s8dm428kepi/nmo_quarantine_v2.zip   Update- * Added more detail to inaccessible areas * Clipped off the dumpsters and whatnot you could previously climb onto * Removed a custom texture that I had thought I had already removed and thus hadn't included with the map * Removed specular mapping on the brick trim seen on many buildings around the level; too shiny. * Tweaked the z-spawns * Fixed several texture issues within the sewers * The overpass goes somewhere now  * Tweaked the nav mesh * Fixed soundscapes * melon * Added more detail into the quarantine and overall made it harder to defend while closing the gate * Added that one guy who boarded all the doors up from the outside, only to be unable to get back inside after barricading it. :> * Pretty much fixed all the bugs listed in the comments so far     Special Thanks to Askia- Playtesting Suspicioustoad- Lagging during the playtesting, and showing me exactly how hard the map can be. Fersigal- Playtesting; being really helpful Nay0r- really cool guy , let me use some of his models  ThoughT- if only I could have gotten those custom music tracks to work for everyone lol And of course You   Download (old): https://www.mediafire.com/file/btnbb67r5dbb0ag/nmo_quarantine.zip  
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