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Coolz D


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Story- Weeks after a military occupation in New York was overrun by the dead, the survivors are clinging to life within a small laundromat. With supplies waning and tensions growing, the survivors are forced to take a risk by leaving their safe haven and getting into the quarantine, within which the last surviving soldiers supposedly still reside. With means of escape.


Screenshots- https://imgur.com/a/304L9

Gameplay- Design wise, the map has many common objectives found amongst the nmo game-mode, with some new and hopefully interesting twists to objectives as well, such as defending an area from incoming hordes of zeds, requiring more tactical planning and teamwork than normal objective mode in some cases (though its certainly not impossible).


Download (current version) https://www.mediafire.com/file/4666s8dm428kepi/nmo_quarantine_v2.zip



* Added more detail to inaccessible areas

* Clipped off the dumpsters and whatnot you could previously climb onto

* Removed a custom texture that I had thought I had already removed and thus hadn't included with the map

* Removed specular mapping on the brick trim seen on many buildings around the level; too shiny.

* Tweaked the z-spawns

* Fixed several texture issues within the sewers

* The overpass goes somewhere now 

* Tweaked the nav mesh

* Fixed soundscapes


* Added more detail into the quarantine and overall made it harder to defend while closing the gate

* Added that one guy who boarded all the doors up from the outside, only to be unable to get back inside after barricading it. :>

* Pretty much fixed all the bugs listed in the comments so far



Special Thanks to

Askia- Playtesting

Suspicioustoad- Lagging during the playtesting, and showing me exactly how hard the map can be.

Fersigal- Playtesting; being really helpful

Nay0r- really cool guy :), let me use some of his models 

ThoughT- if only I could have gotten those custom music tracks to work for everyone lol

And of course



Download (old): https://www.mediafire.com/file/btnbb67r5dbb0ag/nmo_quarantine.zip


Edited by Coolz D

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nice map, I like brush work and lighting there, also good detailing (can't load screenshots on imgur, so I'll post it with dropbox)

- use a pakrat or another similar programm to pak all custom files into a map

- there are still some missing props and textures https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ejq2l7y0j3dmev/nmo_quarantine_v20004.jpg?dl=0 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/d9ygi6lc4zcp73m/nmo_quarantine_v20012.jpg?dl=0 (see fix above)

- need some soundscape on spawn, because when u walk back from street, u still have a street soundscape


- that area looks too empty, also there is a skybox texture https://www.dropbox.com/s/zvr0rurypqtip3g/nmo_quarantine_v20003.jpg?dl=0

- nav need to be improved, mainly add some nav_jumps ( also make that shovel debris, so players couldn't stuck in it


- weird water, maybe I don't have some texture https://www.dropbox.com/s/3vp3pzfk86aezua/nmo_quarantine_v20006.jpg?dl=0

- unusable empty room behind this door https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5rjcdwy7a6tu54/nmo_quarantine_v20007.jpg?dl=0

- https://www.dropbox.com/s/jch5wjydea0no36/nmo_quarantine_v20008.jpg?dl=0

- there are plenty of dev textures (also that door overlap with the brush) https://www.dropbox.com/s/jnbsfty84nk8lpe/nmo_quarantine_v20009.jpg?dl=0

- that bridge goes to nowhere https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2igkgd2gdi4pwu/nmo_quarantine_v20010.jpg?dl=0

- not so many zombies on the street and in the last part, it is good, that map has big open areas, but maybe add more props so player couldn't avoid zombies so easily

- shittons of unnecessary visleafs like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/gioj655ixni6q65/nmo_quarantine_v20002.jpg?dl=0

- map hasn't lags, but these wood boards shouldn't be a func_detail, so they could block player's visibility


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Alright so this is my comments on ur map


So i really thought the map was cool, but you really need to find a way to improve zombie spawning, because sometimes it feels like the zombies aren't spawning in enough and you can easily just cross the map or avoid chokepoints (chokepoints are key).

Dat sexy voice though :wub:

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can't wait to play it!! this looks awesome

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Lighting is not working for me, things appear to be shiny. Is it only happening to me? Any way to fix this? I made sure to put the additional models, materials, and sounds that came with this map in the correct NMRiH folders.


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I assume the cubemaps aren't built in HDR, try mat_specular 0 1 in console, should fix the problem

Edit: he already fixed it so it shouldn't be a problem, next version that is

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Played with the mat_specular 0. Overall a fun map but I believe it can be much better. The end for me was a bit disappointing. I was expecting some runners and hordes, but by the end of the two minutes, they were barely walking into the protection area. Wasn't sure why the screen turns white like a nuclear blast has just happened. The insides of the graves were the purple and black missing textures, and there were some ERRORS along the map (I think they were missing cars). This is all for v2. Like what Fersigal said in his imgur comments, it felt like it was too easy.

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