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Submit your map here for consideration in the game!

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Hey there aspiring level designer, do you have an awesome map you think should be included in the game? Do you look at our stuff and go "I bet I can do that"? Well you're in luck because we are looking to start adding in community maps so everyone can enjoy your work!

To submit your map for consideration please fill out the following:

  • Map Name:
  • Description:
  • One paragraph long backstory:
  • Link(s) to at least 3 screenshots:
  • User names of everyone who has worked on it and a link to their Steam account:
  • A list of all who contributed assets and how we can contact them:
  • Download link for a zip file containing all necessary files to run the map:
  • Link to thread on this forum or our steam one that is about your map:

By submitting your map you are telling us that you are not using any stolen work and that if selected would be okay with giving us the VMF (for bugfixing, optimization, etc).

Once we have made a decision about your map we will respond in your thread along with some constructive criticism. Please understand that we're a busy bunch so it might take us some time to get everyone who's making this decision to play the map and voice their thoughts internally.

A map that is rejected does not mean it is permanently rejected.

If you update your map after a decision has been made, please post a change log in your maps thread and post a comment here saying "Updated" along with a link to the thread. Understand though that unless we feel there has been significant changes made we will not look at it. So really put some work in to to make that map shine! This is to keep this thread from becoming overly cluttered and from turning us into your personal Q&A team.

For Halloween update the cut off date is the 24th so that we have a week to go over submissions

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Thanks for the opportunity Wazanator, here is the form for my custom map:

Map name: Vertigo
Type: Objective (NMO)
Author: Ulreth

Description / Features:
- Hard difficulty
- Large and tall building
- Only 1 respawn after round start
- Logical objectives
- Broken areas that need parkour basic skills
- Lighting effects
- Different types of rooms, hallways, ladders, sewers and more.
- Dark areas and secret rooms to explore
- Useful items and weapons available
- Ending scene including a rescue chopper

Backstory: We all think that big skyscrapers are secure and have everything necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse. The problem is that this huge building is now surrounded by dead hordes aproaching to your location, so you will have to carefully rise to the top of it in order to be rescued if you want to live. Be careful, watch your steps as you can fall to death in this old skyscraper, sounds simple but it is not. Can you escape from this vertigo nightmare?

Custom assets: None

Official thread: https://forums.nomoreroominhell.com/index.php?/topic/12794-new-nmo_vertigo/

Screenshots: https://gamebanana.com/maps/196539






Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/196539

Beta testers:

Holy Crap

Note: The map name "Vertigo" is due to the old counter-strike map based in a skyscraper where you could fall to death, but the design and esthetic of this building is totally different from that map.

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Here is my application for my objective map:

Map name: Shelter
Type: Objective (NMO)
Authors: Fersigal and Atheist

Description / Features: 
- Very hard difficulty
- Large map
- Average gameplay time: 45 minutes
- Underground sewers
- Factory themed
- Cooperation intensive map
- Side objectives
- 2 Respawn points
- Halloween theme orientated
- Old shelter dating back from world war 2 
- Secrets
- Side objectives ensure that you have enough loot, guns
- Chokepoints
- Storydriven
- originally intended to be part of a 4 part campaign

This map's story is basically you and 7 other survivors hide in a world war 2 shelter in Europe, to be specific in Belgium Wallonia at the border with France and you try to get from an old bomb shelter to a nuclear plant, but you encounter some problems on your way to the nuclear plant in order to destroy certain parts of the world which don't hold any survivors at all. Your only cure in order to survive is to get asap to the nuclear plant and nuke large parts of the world in order to save the world as the world slowly decays into madness. It is stated that you are in the year of 2042 and the apocalypse started 5 years ago when all the governments collapsed and suddenly someone thought he had made a medicine to cure everyone from every disease, but instead of curing it infected most of the people, they had tested the medicine on animals. Everything seemed to be in order at first glance, but as they tried it on a human, at first glance it worked perfectly, but after several months the medicine started to mutate with the brain cells and caused an effect which turned him into a zombie. Several months had passed and suddenly every city would collapse in no time and 4 years later from that point in 2042 the normal population was merely < 1000.

Custom assets: None

Official thread: https://forums.nomoreroominhell.com/index.php?/topic/12811-nmo_shelter_subterranean/#comment-178976

Download & Screenshots: https://gamebanana.com/maps/197278


Note: * working on lighting atm

* Working on adding more detail to make the environment look more realistic, appealing for the eye

* Optimizing the gameplay and flow to make it less confusing

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  • Map Name: nmo_underground
  • Description: Players need to proceed through 3 underground tunnels to the cave and get out of the underground by using an elevator. Then they should find 3 items — battery, paint can and smoke grenade, transport all stuff with a cart and call for the helicopter.
  • Story: WIP (translating)
  • Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/zP7rc
  • Authors:

- Extragamer http://steamcommunity.com/id/extragamer

- Drunk_Steep http://steamcommunity.com/id/drunk_steep

- Atheist http://steamcommunity.com/id/atheistnmrih

  • Custom assets:

- 3 pillar props by me (could be removed with rebuilding tunnels)

- loading screen (WIP)

- remove Cart objectives, make something different

- rebuild 3 tunnels ( make them with the same design and size)

- increase overall brightness on the map



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  • Map Name: nms_camilla
  • Description: Average map size, pretty hard, two zones, urban setting, random trains, many secret places to explore
  • Story: WIP
  • Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/wED8M
  • Authors:

- Extragamer http://steamcommunity.com/id/extragamer

- Atheist http://steamcommunity.com/id/atheistnmrih

  • Custom assets:

- loading screen (WIP)

- already deleted custom songs because they very heavy increased size of the map

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Just an update, we're making the cut off date for this update the 24th so the team has time to test the maps. Feel free to post past that date though for the next update :)

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I already posted this to the steam post, but for consistency's sake:


Map name: Boardwalk
Type: Objective (NMO)

A challenging map with a ton of randomized elements, taking place above, under and around a damp, decaying, fog-covered boardwalk. 

You’ve been on the run for what feels like an eternity, the undead always on your heels. There’s rumor of a safehouse not far from here that might be your only chance at salvation. With a poisoned ocean on one side and the merciless horde on the other, it’s either fight to survive, or give up and accept your inevitable undeath.

More information, including images, a list of testers, and a download link, can be found here:


Custom Assets were courtesy of Demo and BillionLioe. I would hope you chaps would know how to contact them, since they’ve both contributed to the game in the past. If not, I can provide contact info, but I’d rather not do it via public forum. Gotta respect that privacy yo!

Also, fun factoid here, Demo and I have been working on a halloween-themed version of this map that we can get done lickity split, should you desire something with a more festive feel

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  • Map Name: Nmo_Quarantine
  • Description: Hard map without coordination; Pretty large map too. Contains two different locations; the city streets, a large sprawling sewer system, and... more city streets converted into a make-shift quarantine. Examples of some objectives are: Digging up peoples graves to find gas, defending an area for two minutes before rescue arives, and listening to npcs talk because why not >:)
  • One paragraph long backstory:  Weeks after a military occupation in New York was overrun by the dead, the survivors are clinging to life within a small laundromat. With supplies waning and tensions growing, the survivors are forced to take a risk that will either save them or kill them; leaving their safe haven and trying to get into the quarantine, within which the last surviving soldiers supposedly still reside. With means of escape.
  • Link(s) to at least 3 screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/304L9
  • User names of everyone who has worked on it and a link to their Steam account: My steam ID http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085019947/; Nay0r allowed me to use some of his models as well, and as DrHammer put it, hopefully you know how to contact him
  • A list of all who contributed assets and how we can contact them: See above
  • Download link for a zip file containing all necessary files to run the map: https://www.mediafire.com/file/btnbb67r5dbb0ag/nmo_quarantine.zip
  • Link to thread on this forum or our steam one that is about your map: 

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Cut off for Halloween has happened. Feel free to continue submitting for the next update!

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