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As the darkness comes nearer and halloween approaches slower than ever i finally present you my map nmo_shelter. This map will be part of a campaign and i hope to release more maps in the near future with the same concept of having a shelter to it. I do really intend them to be connected in one way or another. The link is at the bottom if you don't want to read through all of this :)

Previous post with some screenshots of progress: 


Concept and making of

I tried making some stuff for the past 2 - 3 years now, but i didn't really have the time nor motivation to do so and i was just fucking around in hammer without having the intention to actually finish a map. I never thought i would be able to make a map as i didn't took mapping very seriously, but that kinda changed in the last half year - year. That's when i really got hooked onto mapping and started getting help to become a better map, so i asked mainly Nay0r and some other cool guys for help and i got this amazing guy called Atheist to help me with my map and i'm really grateful for the help so to say. That's when i mainly started changing my mindset on how to become better and smarter in life overall. If anyone is curious, this is kinda the progress of the last 3 years, it contains screenshots of all my projects and really comes to showcase how i have grown over the course. (see spoiler at the bottom)



This map's story is basically you and 7 other survivors hide in a world war 2 shelter in Europe, to be specific in Belgium Wallonia at the border with France and you try to get from an old bomb shelter to a nuclear plant, but you encounter some problems on your way to the nuclear plant in order to destroy certain parts of the world which don't hold any survivors at all. Your only cure in order to survive is to get asap to the nuclear plant and nuke large parts of the world in order to save the world as the world slowly decays into madness. It is stated that you are in the year of 2042 and the apocalypse started 5 years ago when all the governments collapsed and suddenly someone thought he had made a medicine to cure everyone from every disease, but instead of curing it infected most of the people, they had tested the medicine on animals. Everything seemed to be in order at first glance, but as they tried it on a human, at first glance it worked perfectly, but after several months the medicine started to mutate with the brain cells and caused an effect which turned him into a zombie. Several months had passed and suddenly every city would collapse in no time and 4 years later from that point in 2042 the normal population was merely < 1000.

Main areas and screenshots

In this map you basically have 5 main areas: the shelter (old underground hideout that was made in the 2nd world war), the courtyard with a lot of children, the factory + the maintenance tunnels, the submain sewers and the arena + connector hall.


The Shelter + courtyard:


The warehouse +the maintenance tunnels


The submain sewers 


The arena + connector hall


Download link (gamebanana)

https://gamebanana.com/maps/197278  (for a zipped file)


Special thanks to: 

Atheist for helping me make the map  reality

Nay0r for being awesome in general and helping me with level design clutter

Durkhaz for giving out free vmfs for me to learn from

Kevin for being the greatest playtester there is, you truly rock

Jake for being jake i guess

Mabalina for taking care of the baby (prop in game, in case people are getting confused)

Der Vampir for playtesting yet another map

Chris teh Clue for giving me clues

Porkchops servers, ??? servers and dr's server for letting me playtest my map


and basically anyone who helped me making this map become reality: Bab, Soulbrother99, Bobschke, Fiona, Zombie, Sammy, Blazzestrike, Green riding hood, Evie, Freud's cat, Sophia, Ping, Lilayy, Merzarime, SPLINTERMAX and everyone else enjoying or playing the map through one of these earlier mentioned servers.



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Changelog (Official version):

* Improved lighting a lot 

* Added soundscapes (by Atheist)

* Improved performance

* Made objectives (especially first one less confusing)

* Removed baby spawn

* Removed code for flag thing

* For the compensation of removing those two i added another secret (go and find it)

* Added 2 new rooms at the outdoor section

* Added a lot of displacements

* rebalanced the difficulty in certain parts to make the difficulty more flat / evened out as you progress

* Removed a lot of bad shadowing

* Added a jukebox sound at the arena for tension

* Removed the push entity for the arena (since camping above would be proven very silly in casual and camping there now is rather unpleasant as you can't really board it up + zombies can stalk you near the upside part)

* Remade some sprites

* Remade the beginning (changed a lot of the layout at start on how it plays and made it more logical)

*.... there's a lot more, i might have missed it, but i worked a lot of it to make it seemingly more different as the other version, but it should be fun neithertheless

Hope you'll enjoy the map (you'll have to wait for official version to kick in or you could try the nmrih official beta, check steam announcements)

* Removed all the jewish stars (ugh ugh thought they were pentagrams as of previous, didn't really work out that well)

* Added an outdoor section at start to make the area look like it's bigger and not boxed in

*The first underground tunnels are immensely improved now (added vents, reworked elevator immensely, reworked the way you could get to secret and put more use to holding the welder)

*Detail was added

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