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Skinchooser plugin routinely crashes server

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I use the "sm_skinchooser_hl2dm v2.3" plugin to apply custom skin models to my dedicated server - yet it periodically crashes the server, and never even applies the skins (the characters are invisible). The models are recompiled. Any fixes / alternative plugins I could use to resolve this issue?


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There might be problems with your skins_dm.ini from nmrih\addons\sourcemod\configs\sm_skinchooser_hl2dm

and skinchooser_playermodels.ini from nmrih\addons\sourcemod\data

I had the problem that sometimes !models menu did not appear, and 1 or 2 times that some models that player have did not apply, and the other half do apply.

I recommend you to reinstall the plugin by removing skins_dm.ini and skinchooser_playermodels.ini, and configure it again, with no written errors, such as superfluous brackets.


If it wont help here is what i can say,

My server never got crashed because of skin chooser, there might be problems with your models. Have you checked if it crash when someone apply the model or DIE with custom model?

No, then you should check. It's errors in plugin configs or broken models.

I personaly love skin chooser, and also i recommend you to use skinchooser_playermodels.ini to give specific models to your friends, with no need to make custom admin flags.




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Thank you for your response.

What'd help me a lot would be the exact configuration files that are known to be working. Can you share your configuration files? Maybe they'll work for me - with a bit of my own modification.

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I dont think that's what you need, but whatever, you can have it, at least you can look how working files look like.


skins_dm.ini from nmrih\addons\sourcemod\configs\sm_skinchooser_hl2dm

skinchooser_playermodels.ini from nmrih\addons\sourcemod\data





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