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Version 9 - 22/9/2017

- Added breakable rocks after parkour
- Added voice alert in fence destruction
- Changed player triggers to fix zombie respawn system
- Fixed explosion damage for zombies
- Fixed collisions with small props
- Fixed oversized decals
- Fixed floating props

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would be cool if you could add this kind of variety:





It's up to you though, but it would make the level visually more enhanced, have different kind of hallways and will add some more atmosphere to the design, that's probably one of the last things i want to see in this map and then it'll be perfect

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Version 10 - 19/12/2017

- Final part difficulty slightly increased
- Added some explosives gas cans
- Fixed zombies passing through closed doors bug
- Fixed unlockable door bug
- Added some space at rooftop door
- Improved AI behaviour in some corners
- Modified wall traps
- Changed appearance of some lights
- Fixed minor bugs and details

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Workshop publish --> Version 12 - 15/12/2018
+ Added some soundscapes
+ Added earthquake effect
+ Added barricades
+ Changed some decorative props
+ Horror corpses
+ Tweaked trap details
+ Improved parkour lighting
+ Fixed zombie spawn crash
+ Fixed minor nav issues

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Version 13 - (20/07/2019)
+ Added secondary stairs for rooftop
+ Added some extra rooms
+ Few changes in geometry
+ Removed faulty func_walls
+ Fixed key critical bug
+ Fixed npc walls bugs
+ Fixed extinguisher bug
+ Fixed minor bugs

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[HOTFIX I] nmo_vertigo_v13

+ Added ending music
+ Added an optional way to help others in parkour (tool_barricade)
+ Increased elevator button cooldown to avoid trolling
+ Fixed end godspot
+ Fixed parkour fall damage
+ Fixed some prop bad collisions

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