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after nms_protect_your_home.bsp  (download). I present the part 2 : "nmo_downtown" (DOWNLOAD)


Download and more Screenshots nmo_downtown


Please admin server
In the "mapcycle.txt" file, place "nms_protect_your_home_v3-en" or "nms_protect_your_home_v3-en" and "nmo_downtown_v1" afterwards.


Feature :
Type : objectives
Safe Zones  : 0
Play time : 40 minutes
Difficulty : 1 player = easy | 8 players = very hard
Surroundings : night
Respawn player : 1 in obj complete + 1 by players
Number of zombies to kill : NA
Developement : V1

.bsp = 17 388 ko
.nav = 366 ko
.nmo = 6 ko


Changelog nmo_downtown.bsp

 market :
  add player clip
  corectif alarme (spawn zombie)
 street :
  zombi can go in bus
  players can't jump to the bar
  fix bug : Player blocked in the roof of the bus
 gaz station :
  runner can't spawn near players

 cars dealer --> garage :
  fix bug : the door can be open by zombi and player

 all map :
  add 8 random spawn for the gaz can
  add 2 ramdon spawn for the extinguisher
  extinguisher can turn off all fire (fun)
  add 8 random spawn for 3 welder
  fix bug : player can't be invinsible
  fix bug : player are not freeze scren in bus camera
  kill entity was be used
  add respawn player after obj complete "aire toxic" 
  add new obj "Toxic air"

UPDATE .nmo files : Obj are in English https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw7cgMEqvaiWWk0tN25tdzRkbUk/view?usp=sharing


 bug know : player can be invinsible


 1th upload in privat


Good luck !!

mrblagues http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055313963/


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I just tried it. The environment quality is a bit ehhhh but objectives are certainly original. I died before I could find the last two covers, but I lost a lot of time because I didn't really get what I was supposed to do, and the objectives are in French. The other text, that was in English, was only a flash, and I couldn't read it promptly, especially since it comes paired with French text as well and it doesn't make it immediate for me to notice that there's English underneath. Anyways the map is nice, a bit easy on the zombie side I guess, but I don't mind. I saw a lot of drawers and car trunks that could be opened but there seemed to be nothing to collect, and some switches for the car lifts, not sure if they can be used to crush the zombies. I noticed some items spawned twice, like after you collect one, a second one is still there in the same place as the first item.

Anyways thanks for making it :)

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@ Short Drop
difficulty :
If you succeed a map in 1 time: yes it is very easy.
The difficulty is managed by the number of live players: 1 = easy; 8 = very hard.

The text appears by 3 lines between 5 to 10 seconds
Line 1: the name of the speaker
Line 2: text in french
Line 3: text in English
If you miss a line, maybe your server uses a lot of plugin.

Yes they are useful for protecting themselves, killing the zombies and taking the welder.

Spawn location:
For weapons and ammunition, the program spawn 1 weapon and more ammunition for this weapon in 6 places random. It is normal that several spawn box at the same place.

It will be develope in V2

Obj in english

just update your .nmo file https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw7cgMEqvaiWWk0tN25tdzRkbUk/view?usp=sharing


Edited by mrblagues

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