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Known bugs in

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Hello, just would like to post here some bugs that apear in game:

-No grenade or TNT explosion sound

-Crawler stand up when attacking barrier(imposible to hit them when they stand up)

-Can't crouch when crawler grabs player(imposible to kill if you get grabed)

-Invisible zombies rarely apearing

-Shoving/bashing in 3rd person same for all weapons

-Reloading in 3rd person same for few guns ie: SKS and Saco

-Player models(3rd person view) holding most of guns in same position ie: bow, m16 with grip

-Zombies attacking non barrier places

-First person arms appear when spectating

-Buggy bash/shove animation when spectating

-Some pieces of map glowing bright even when no light ie: table on nms_notld and others

-Not showing animation for baricading windows/doors if fast click on second after first barrier is finished

-Blood on floor flashing(apearing and disapiering)

-God place on nms_arpley(see screenshot)

-God spot inside supply drop(zombies freeze when aproach box and player is in middle of drop)

-Player skins appear standing still after being killed(rarely)



Please check screenshots if I didnt explaing it correctly, and uploading screenshots in zip file because can't upload them all as attachments.



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