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Need help fixing player model

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So yesterday me and my friend were trying to make a player model for NMRiH out of Left 4 Dead 2 model. Textures working fine, animations working fine, but the body looks terrifying.

This is model that we used as source


And after convertating this model to nmrih we got this...



As you can see, everything is wrong about her. Long scary arms, no neck, she does not stand on her feet properly, her ass is inside of her. You got what i mean.

I'm asking for help fixing this model, to make her look like a normal human being, because at the moment she looks like once upon a time she got to be in car crash accident...

left4dead2 model, nmrih result model, and decompilted source could be downloaded here:


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This model is from Left 4 Dead 2. And this is the problem. If this model was from CS:S or GMOD we could do it fine, but all l4d2 models we ever tried had same problem.

I'v found another addon for GMOD, there's Jill, Barry, Wesker and Leon. But there's only Left 4 Dead 2 Chris and Richard. We are still messing with Richard, and we dont know how to fix it properly.

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Right now i need seven models from Resident Evil for GMOD or NMRiH
I already got Barry, Jill, Leon, Rebecca, Wesker. All this models was ported for NMRIH from CSS or GMOD player models.
At the moment i need 7 more models for GMOD as Player models, so i can use them in NMRIH. There is four Left4Dead2 models Chris, Enrico, Kenneth, Richard. And three models that being ragdoll for gmod Edward, Forest, Kevin.
We tried to port Left4Dead 2 models to nmrih, but they have diffrent skeleton and this cause problems, that's why we need GMOD player models.
It would be great if someone can make any of this player models for GMOD out of this 4 l4d2 models and 3 ragdolls.

Download source models:



edit: CLOSED

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