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We are Comrads Gaming, and we're making Gaming videos!
But in the future, we're making some distinctive stuff if we got the guts to do it (Such as vlogs, etc.)
We're originally from the Socialist Republic of Romania (Mostly born after the revolution). One of us has a  real communist distinct from the past while the other one is a fascist since WWII (didn't like communism, so he stuck with fascism instead).  
For now, our Channel has two people in it, one that is Communist and one that is a ''filthy'' Nazi. 
But for now, we're focusing on Gaming which most of them are multiplayer/Co-op and even the single player games that have modded multiplayer (if it's necessary). 
We just started a couple of weeks ago, and we're going fast! 
IF someone supports us (a lot), we will do the same to you, becoming a true comrade! 

Our second series is about this Game, No More Room In Hell. Both of us were stunned how awesome this game was due to it's comparrisons of graphics and animations (Since the game was made on the Source engine). So far were focusing on approximately 10-15 episodes/parts. 

Here's our channel and please! Share your thoughts about our series! Stay safe B)  



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