New Gamemode ideas.

By dio in Ideas & Suggestions,
1. I will call this mode. Korean mode. In this mode you play an average map, except there's zero items and you can only use lighter or fists, there are 5x as many zombies in the map, also they are all runners or children. Also you die in one hit. It's supposed to please the true pros of gaming, people who play bullet hell games a lot, and Koreans that play video games to test their honor. Also when rescue comes, you only have 2 seconds to get there or else rescue is gone.  The survival mode will be the same except  -FEMA bags now are removed, all items are removed, lighters are removed, first wave will consist of 2500 zombies and multiply by 1000 x the amount of zombies the previous round, into the next one. Zombies will take around 17 million punches to kill, and all zombies have 9 lives. This also is for objective and survival and every map mode.  National guard zombies will have guns, shoot you and throw grenades everywhere, also the every runner zombie in Korean Mode will be the National Guard. When you die in Korean Mode, it will quit you out of the game, uninstall it, implement a very severe computer virus on your computer, and last it will explode the computer. Then after that, your Korean dad will charge at you with a Kantana and beat the shit out of you for bring dishonor to your family. Even in gaming. 2. This is more envoirmental and less gameplay. It should be called More Room In Hell.  This Gamemode will consist of a player except there are no zombies, and all zombies will be replaced with civilian NPCs. All maps will be restored into a pre apocalyptic event, you will see police driving cars, people walking, eating in diners, and a functional subway system. Except in the FEMA map, you will be locked in your cell, and all you will see is national gaurd soldiers patrolling and office workers. Also Phalanx pills will be replaced with LSD or PCP. gene therapy with heroin, and bandages are mummy linen. Medkits are replaced will balls of yarn and some needles.  3. Lastly is what I call Too Much Room In Hell. You spawn in a pre apocalyptic map, you stock up on guns. Then you start shooting random civilians then the police then the national guard will try to stop you. You start slaughtering everything, and while you take LSD pills then you get a short flash where everything in converted to original NMRIH for a split second then you are back killing people. When you die you go to hell. Where there's a giant devil shooting infinite fireballs at you while you run, and in the background you see dancing zombies around the devil. Then a bunch of flying demons will dress like NMRIH staff and grab ban hammers and chase you around forever. If you get hit, you get kicked from the game for 20 years.
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