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nms_medication is my most favourite map so far, currently holds a secret room (which is where the supply drop is - good luck finding it). Also has a random gun spawner ( the creepy room with the doll).

A safezone that requires you to keep it intact or you'll lose the power to the lights. (They are regain-able). 

Overall this is my most fun map to make. I was considering using this map as a objective map, but i ended 

up just having fun with it. Won't be a while till i make an objective map, untill i get a good idea of one. (currently thinking something around an evil character - i.e the weird creature in this map). Maybe i'll go on something with that idea for an objective map, but for now... I'm going to make a ton of survival maps for fun. :P Stay tuned! ^-^

Anyway I hope you like! - Love feedback too!

If anyone is going to use/modify/edit/use my map on a server, please MSG me, I would love to see the version, as well as the server.

DOWNLOAD: http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/61IsEArn/file.html

IMAGES: xcrVnOd.jpg










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It might be personal preference but I tend to disable shadows on most of my props, like the med cabinets upon the wall. It's awesome to see someone come in and just crank out like 4 maps in a week, lol.

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;) yeah, i noticed that just after had finished, and was about to upload to here, thought about it for a while, but cba to redo everything.

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