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Friends can't find my LAN server

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Hello, I just downloaded the game today so I could play with my little brothers. They can both host servers and join each others both online and locally. However, if I host a game either open or lan neither of them can connect to my server (server not responding), and I can't connect to theirs either.

I have tried doing the console command sv_lan 0 and so forth. That didn't work. Furthermore none of our computers have virus protection and we all turned off windows firewall and its still not connecting. What can I do to fix this?

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input "status" in your server console.


hostname: [JP][yomox9_srv01]Test
version : 0 insecure
udp/ip : (public ip:
steamid : [A:1:2537771015:6921] (90101720553836551)
map : nmo_ocwd_a1 at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
tags : CustomMap,alltalk,infinite ammo
players : 0 humans, 0 bots (8 max)
edicts : 984 used of 2048 max
# userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state adr

check open port in your server pc(ex. Global IP address=, Port=28015)


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Are you all on the same ip range for a start?

go to windows menu type cmd, open command prompt

type ipconfig

Do it on all computers and check what your ipv4 address is.

all three ip addresses need to have the same numbers in the first 3 groups. i.e, & is fine (the first 3 groups are the same, the last group cannot be the same).

If the last group is the same or the first three groups are not the same that would be a problem.

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