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The Cabin

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It was like all other days I woke up, took a shower and had breakfast. but Today was doiffrent at around 7:48 I heard banging at the door, I went to the door and opended it a Man with blood all over him said "Help Me Man I need bandages!" I Said "Woah calm down man I'll get you a bandaid or something!" The man asked if he could lay on my couch I put towels on it then he layer down I Asked "What The Hell hapended to you!?" He said "I was walking down the street then my Neighbor Mr Milles ran up to me and Bite me I hit him and he fell down and I ran!" I got some bandages for him and gave him a cold glass of beer to rinse down the pain of the wound on his neck. An Hour later he got up and Said "I Don't feel all that great" Next thing that happened was he fell down, I was worried I tried doing CPR but he didn't come back. 2 Hours later I tried everything I tried calling 911 but all I got was the service is out and I'm in the country side. But then something that would change !y life happeneded I heard a groan I saw what I thought was a dead man get up, blood was coming out of his mouth and he slowly limped towards me I said "Hey Man calm down sit back down" he tripped and lunged towards me and I pushed him to the left I got a baseball bat and hit him right in the face. The next day the power was back on I went to the news and saw this "In Recent news a New Mysterious virus has been spotted in the 3 counties stated on the screen here's a statement by Dr. Miler Well From what we analyzed is that the Virus once in a human body begins to take out over until it has a complete control over the body, the only instinct is to Eat and survive" The news then said to stay indoors I Immediatly threw the dead guy out of my house. The Next day it was I think 4:27 AM when I heard gunshoyts of in the distance then the sound of Helicopters I tuned into the news and saw this "BREAKING NEWS LIVE FROM GREENVILLE CITY Hello my Name Is Mike Tolson and I am your anchor today in recent events multiple Canniboilistic Homicides have occurred its been confirmed that it is the New Recent virus, The National Guard has been Mobilized to get rid of the Oinfected individuals" The Next day was Horrible at 8:19 AM 4 NG'S were at my door and they said "SIR YOU MUST EVACUATE INFECTED ARE IN THE AREA!" I watched the news and saw this "BREAKING NEWS LIVE FROM GREENVILLE its has been confirmed that the National Guard has pulled back due to be Overunnes by The Infected stay in your homes" what I did was hurry and get food and supplies I boarded up my windows and good ready TO BE CONTINUED (This is my first story so please give me advice"

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